Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas -The Greatest Gift of All -

In the greatest of all passages there is described the greatest of all gifts. If it is a gift from God, we know apriori that it is a great gift. Jesus once asked if any father would give his son a stone when he asked for bread, or a snake for a fish. If, He said, you give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give good gifts to His? (Matt. 7:9-11). God, then, is a Father and He will only give good gifts to men. (cf. James 1:17).
The best of all possible gifts God has given -- Jesus Christ. And John knew, as no one else, what a remarkable gift it was! What was the gift like? A gift of the Word made flesh and dwelling among men. What was Jesus like? (Have we not all asked that question?) "Full of grace and truth." What did men see when they saw Jesus? Glory, glory like an only child has from his father. What did Jesus bring when He came? "Grace and truth." What did Jesus come to do? To make known to the world what God is like, the God no man has as yet seen. (John 1:14-18). To this John adds that they had been privileged to drink of Jesus' fullness, fullness so extraordinary that it could only be described as a fullness consisting of blessing upon blessing. (1:16).

Hope your Christmas is Blessed

Hugs Kat

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  1. What a beautiful post Kat!! I hope your Christmas was wonderful!! Happy New Year!! ((BIG HUGS))!!


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