Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's so chilly out and I cannot believe it's going to be Thanksgiving next week.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving I am not a good blogger so just in case I don't get back here, I want you all to have a blessed Thanksgiving day.

I was almost feeling normal again when I woke up to a huge problem yesterday. Last week the city of Lincoln was working on my neighbors main water pipes, the cities side for that particular house, what they say is their responsibility. Well they left and now my house main pipes broke at the main box causing water to run like a hose into the gutter and into the drain in the street just as if I left the water on full blast, can we say ka-ching to a huge water bill.
Lincoln water came to my house yesterday morning after I called them, but before I had a chance to shower and get some water into pitchers. I had to answer the door to the water man looking like one tousled woman in my mismatched PJ's and fluffy bathrobe. This was so embarrassing to me. Gees!
I told him to leave the water on for a bit because I had to shower and save some water, he got so angry with me. I was wow dude it's my water running down the drain and I am paying for it thanks to you, now I am going to take a shower and put some water into pitchers.
He left never to return, I almost regretted that decision but at the same time I wouldn't even have water to wash my face, hands or brush my teeth. Eww!
Well Steve was in the Bay area all day for a meeting and he could not get back home or even answer his phone, thankfully he was not anywhere near these outburst of riots to add to my worry.
In the meantime I had taken my shower and began calling LIncoln water right away and I could never get them to come back out, they said it's not their problem the line is on my property not theres.
So I went to look in the main water line box and it was full of water gushing over and I could not turn off the water it would run all day unless I called a plumber.
Well no plumber until 4pm and the water spilled into the gutter all day.
The plumber charged me $150.00 and said it would be $1700.00 to fix. I said I can't have him fix it until my husband comes home so they just shot it off and I paid them and they told me what they thought it was saying it was the cities fault.
Steve called his friend Fred and his son who are construction workers and plumbers and they came out in the dark and tried to fix it, but it could not be fixed last night it was to dark. Fred, Steve and my neighbor fixed it up so my neighbor is funneling his water into our home through a hose until tomorrow when they can see properly. At least Fred will not charge us that much as the other plumbers because he is our friend and Steve works on his cars, corvettes and vintage trucks.
It's just fishy to me that after 7 days of the city out here working on my neighbors main water lines that ours is now broke. Fred says it's due to pressure and I am unable to get the city to answer to me why they came onto my property and got into my main box last week. That is not even something they are allowed to do is run a hose from your house, let alone ask me such a question, it's their problem to fix. The already charge us outrages cost for water, the bill was $80.00 for the month of September.

Day 2 no water, still the city cannot tell me why they were into my main box last week. They say it's a coincidence that now my line is broken, really! I don't think so. I guess I will have to let a judge decide if it's a coincidence or not. 

Who among me would think that if the city worked on your neighbors main for seven days, would say it's a coincidence that your main is now broke?

I actually have no photos today to share imagine that, well I do actually but I had to rant here, I don't know how I am going to handle this, meaning legally or just except the cost, I think it's the principe of the thing though how they lie about being in my main water line box after I said they could not funnel a hose from my house to wherever or whatever they were going to do. It's all 
very suspicious and strange. 

~Update~ Steve did a barter with his friend Fred who owns the condo in Monterey so we were able to get it fixed with the barter deal they made.

The city said it was a coincidence and that was that. So we had to fix it, I hate to see what my water bill will be next month. GRRRRRR!  That part really makes me mad! 

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  1. Hi Kat,
    Just peeking in to see how you're doing and to wish you a wonderful Friday and weekend. Hope you can get some rest and relaxation in :) ((hugs))


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