Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sea

When Steve and I were in Monterey and Carmel in July we seen a really pretty ship clock by Rhythm. We were not able to find the clock while we were there so when I got home I went to our local jewelry shop that is a family run business. The people are so friendly there. I knew they sold Rhythm clocks so I asked to see their catalog to look for the ship clock by Rhythm. I found it quickly and it was a decent price so I ordered it and it took about three or four weeks to arrive. I was so excited to pick it up finally a few weeks ago and while I was picking it up they had two darling starfish tall candle holders, I thought perfect! so I bought two matching starfish candle holders.

I knew I had no place to put it that would fit with any themes in our house except our guest bedroom which is beach theme. I didn't want to put it in there since no one would ever see it, unless they were in the guest room.
Steve is always talking about wanting to buy some paintings to hang over our mantel in the great room so I talked to him about what he would think if we put the clock on the mantel? he liked the idea but we would need some paintings. He said he wanted a ship in the waves. Though I liked the idea of the sea, the ship and waves seemed a bit boring and perhaps a bit mysterious, and wanted something more soothing and quaint.

Two weeks ago on Saturday night about a week after Kirsten had Rylan, her husband had made it home for the week and we invited the family and mom out to dinner to have mexican food at El Chorito's. The family is my son and his wife and my granddaughter and then Kirsten and her husband and her two step kids, and baby Rylan along with my mom. We had a wonderful family dinner in celebration of our new family member. But while on the way there Steve and I took a detour to look at art and we found some we liked that was affordable. After I had purchased the clock we were out looking for some art and it was so expensive for everything we liked. In any event we happened upon some and brought it home and Steve hung it above our mantel and it looks great! We're very happy with our new look and I am very happy we didn't have to repaint our one cranberry wall!

The new paintings is of a little town in Italy by the sea il mare, il Maditerraneo. To the west of Italy is the Ligurian Sea (Mar Ligure), and to the Tyrrhenian sea (Tirreno).
Traditionally Italy villages are constructed by protective locations, often in the hills above the sea and that is what these paintings remind me of. I think it looks a bit like Taormina, Sicily, but I am not sure about the Palm Tree in the painting, I just never really thought Italy had Palm Trees.

The little mirrors inbetween the paintings were taken from the guest room and brought into the great room to seperate the paintings, they have little starfish, clamshells and nautical's around the mirrors.  

I also finally removed the blue and white birds from the mantel to keep it simple and clean.

The white candles were removed and replaced with buttercup gold candles. 

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