Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

What a gorgeous day here in Northern CA! it's breezy and cool. Steve and I had a wonderful anniversary weekend in Monterey/Carmel. I cannot tell you how great it was to get back up there and get away from it all. Instead of writing a lot I am going to photo blog. Even though we had a great time it was not sunny the whole weekend we were there. Boo!
Here we are window shopping in Carmel
 Here is the pups sitting in my carry all bag, they were cold while Steve went to get us coffee, cafe mocha for me and black coffee for him. He never drinks anything fancy.
 The Lone Cypress Tree on the 17 mile drive, this is where the famous Pebble Beach is along this route with million dollar homes and famous golf courses. The Lone Cypress tree is over 200 years old and is one of the most famous trees in the world. I think our pamphlet said the "Most Famous".
  Point Pinos Lighthouse in Pacific Grove. this was such an ugly day. Thankfully we have been to Monterey and Carmel on sunny days as well. We met some people from Austria, they wanted to know if it was always that weather there every day. We said no, they were sorry they didn't get to see a sunny day.
Here is the necklace I made to wear on our trip it's crocheted Balls, crystal beads and square tile washers with sterling silver chain. I also made another necklace similar with a crocheted front, but it was to big for me, however I got a lot of compliments on it on Facebook, even someone wanted the pattern. That would be a no.  
Here is the crochet cat Amineko I made Kirsten, I named it Pippa, which is a girls name and means lover of horses.  I just chose the name randomly. I read about the name and it's mostly a girls name, but my kitty is blue. I like the name so it stays until and unless Kirsten changes it. I made it for the baby.

Another photo of Pippa up close. I believe that Amineko is Japanese for cat. Hello My Name is Amineko is a cute book with a story of the crafty crochet cat. It has patterns to make the cat and clothes as well as poses of the kitty in two sizes, it also shows you how to construct Amineko, different expressions, about yarn. It even shows you how to crochet in a basic step. Very cute book.


This is the baby quilt it's all done, it's two sided, one side is owls and green the other side is blue with patchwork. I quilted the baby quilt so it gives it a nice snuggy look. 

Squirrel eating out of Steve's Hand from katwhite on Vimeo.
Here is a video we took in Monterey of the Steve feeding the squirrels right from his hand.  

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California from katwhite on Vimeo.
A beautiful day in Monterey at the Aquarium on Canary Row.
This last video is of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I put it together for everyone to see the awesome creatures that God has made.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Kat,
    I'm so glad that you had a fun time in Monterey/Carmel. Too bad the weather wasn't better because it is so gorgeous there! I enjoyed your photos and the videos of your trip.

    The baby quilt and the cat you crocheted are so cute! So is the necklace you made. You are so talented! I'm not very good at crafts at all, so I always admire the talent of others.

    I hope you enjoy our lovely's been really nice! Enjoy the rest of your week. ☺

  2. Oh love the squirrel video I have not taken one of my little friend in my yard feeding out of my hand, but have one of her jumping ot the table and getting peanuts...sute Steve is like my hubby loves to play with the critters.

    The necklace is pretty and I like how you added the square links to the round crochet balls great choice...

    The blanket is pretty and your kitty is adorable.. :)

    I love Carmel and Monterey ... :) Debb

  3. Hi Kat! I so love Monterey/Carmel! It was really cool & overcast when we went once, but we did get to see it sunny once also. Right now, I would take the cool, because it's so hot here! I love seeing your 'girls' all dressed in pink. :)

    I loved how Pippa turned out! Such a cute little cat!

    Love the necklace too. So unusual! Don't blame you for not sharing the pattern.

    Have a great week Kat! Oh - I've posted 2 more times! I shocked myself. :) Hugs

  4. Hi Kat! Happy Anniversay! The weather often is bad in July, August in Carmel... They say the best month for sunny days is October. We are going to be in Carmel next weekend- staying at Cousin Steves and Jeff will go to the motorcycle races at Laguna Seca. I see you're busy making things for the baby! Won't be long now! Exciting! (((Hugz)))

  5. Hi, Kat~
    You were asking about the cursive title. It's in the options in the Template Designer. They have a lot of different fonts to choose from.
    Yes, I made the header for my blog. It was a lot of trial and error, but I finally got it done!
    Hope you're having a great day! :)

  6. Glad you had fun on your trip! Even though the weather was bad, I'm sure it was nice to get away to the coast.

    Thank you for your visit - yes Myka was a complete surprise! My oldest is 15 and my son is 11 so we weren't planning anymore but God had other plans. And I'm glad He did -she's a blessing for sure!

    Knitting isn't hard once you get used to it. I learned to knit first, then taught myself to crochet. I've heard from others who crochet first that it's harder to get the hang of knitting. But they are both beautiful arts and I like being able to do both.

    Love that necklace! Also the quilt is really nice. Hope you have a great day!

  7. Hi Kat! Did you see the little chihuahau named Paco that chased the robbers away? It was caught on the security camera. Just google it- it was in Altadena here in SoCal. Very funny! Enjoy the weekend! (((Hugz)))

  8. Hi Kat,
    Your trip to Carmel sounds wonderful. Little Edie and Effie look adorable in the carry-all.
    That is cute of the squirrels eating out of Steve's hand. My cat, Shadow, chasing them up trees. LOL
    I love the quilt and Amineko Cat. What a fantastic job you did with all your crafts. That baby quilt looks so cuddly. I bet Kirsten is looking forward to using all the things that you have made for the baby. I looked back at the Amineko cats that I made, and there are a couple of differences. Not by much, just a little. I didn't stuff the legs or arms-just the paws. You can check mine out here Amineko cats. I really should make one for Elizabeth like I did for Nicky and Brian.
    I am sorry that I missed you and Steve's Anniversary. But I wish for you and Steve a Happy 'belated' Anniversary.

  9. Hello Kat, I love to see your pictures. Your works are very beautiful too!
    The necklace is lovely! I also love the beach pictures. I live in a city which has many beaches too.

    Have a blessed week!

    sandra :)

  10. Hi Kat!
    Looks like a nice anniversary! That is so neat about the tree! I love the cat and the necklace you made! Your dogs are so very cute!! Hope you are having a great week! I just got back from vacation so I have lots to do!



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