Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Marilyn Monroe Diaper Bag #2 & Kirsten's Baby Shower

We had a lovely baby shower for Kirsten, I made Cake Pops, I made them as toppers for cupcakes in owl and monkey theme. We had a little luncheon, games, prices and punch. It was a lot of fun and Kirsten got a lot of adorable baby things.

Have you heard of Cake Pops? it says they are easy to make, I didn't find them easy to make at all, but I did make them. They sort of looked like little monsters to me, but everyone thought they were cute, but they did not see the photo in the book like me! LOL! I also had a bit of a problem getting them to her house without messing up the frosting.  

I finished the second Marilyn Monroe Diaper Bag, it turned out really cute. I realized I never posted the finished first one so I am posting both here. So here they both are.  I guess they have peeked a bit of interest and I have had several request to make them, but I assure you I am not interested in making them for anyone. I will think about posting how to make them in a future perhaps.  

Kirsten loved her baby quilt and she wants me to make more things with that fabric the little owls are just adorable and the fabric is bright and cheery. 

After the baby shower I put Pippa in the baby swing I bought and I put the quilt in the baby crib, cleaned up the mess and then Ti'Dora (in photo below) Kirsten's best friend and I cut tags off the baby clothes and figured out what size clothes Kirsten had received as gifts so we could see if she needed any more. But she had enough of all clothes, so that was great.

My mom gave her money to buy a stroller and car seat and she went shopping for those things after the baby shower and a few other things on her list that she did not get, so now she is all set for little Bambino, that is what I call him. Bambino is Italian for "little boy."

   Here is Kirsten with her friend Ti'Dora, Kirsten has about six more weeks to go and has gained 21 lbs and they tell her to eat more. We will see how much weight she gets on before the baby is born, you know those last weeks are brutal. However she will be on Maternity leave in 2 weeks so she will probably put on some weight then I would think. But isn't 21 lbs enough? I don't know why you would need to gain more then 25 lbs total. 

Have a great week!


  1. So glad Kirsten got everything she needed!! The cake pops were cute. They do look like little monsters. :)

  2. Hi Kat!! Hey, I was by yesterday too, but I did not get a chance to post. I loved your pictures of vacation.
    I have never heard of cake pops. They are cute though. I could tell they were owls. Well the ones that were owls. I bet Kirsten is so excited. She looks fine. Why am I thinking 30 lbs is average during pregnancy? I may be making that up. Anyway, you are right, she is going to retain some water in the end and make it up. I am sure as long as she is eating and taking her prenatals she will be fine....well baby will be fine. Be sure to tell her I said to read to the baby every day or night. If I were there I would have given her some books. I am nuts. On that subject...have you seen those books that you can record your voice reading to the baby? That might be a neat gift from your mom say for Christmas or something so the baby always has her voice and you could do that too so if you aren't there and the child want sot hear your voice. They are at Hallmark and I saw them at Wal~Mart now too in the cards. Anyway, just a thought. I wish I had my Granie's voice recorded reading a story for Josh. Have a wonderful day! ((BIG HUGS))!!!!

  3. Ciao Kat! I have never heard of cake pops. They are cute though, well done! :)
    Glad Kirsten got everything she needed. She looks great! :) Not long now before the baby will be here, how exciting!
    *hugs* and happy end of July!

  4. Hi Kat,
    Glad to read that Kirsten's baby shower went well, and everyone enjoyed it! It's great she got a lot of things she needed. I've never heard of cake pops, but they came out really cute! So did the diaper bags. Thank you for sharing about the shower. I hope you have a great weekend! :)

  5. Hi Kat! I used to love Starbucks cake pops, until I got sick after having one. I mean, I got 'really' sick. It may not have been the cake pop, but I will always associate my being so sick with them. I can't even think of them now. I think yours were so cute!

    So glad that Kristen got all that she needed. I bet you are excited to welcome a new grandbaby.

    The diaper bags we so neat! Hard to make??

    Have a wonderful Friday Kat. Hugs!

  6. How cute are those cake pops...very nice party get together....glad the shower went well...loved the MM diaper bag

  7. Hi Kat, glad Kristen baby shower went well. I had heard of cake pops, I thought they were lollipop shaped cakes, well any shape on a stick. Yours look cute but I guess the stick is hidden in the cupcakes...
    Have a great weekend, hugs


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