Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wedding Prayer for Marriage

The wedding was beautiful but cold congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Fanning

They were married at the Four Seasons Lake Tahoe on a very cold winter day January 26, 2011.

That is the only photo of Kirsten and Glenn, this one was posted online by the photographer. 

Wedding Prayer for Marriage

Hand in hand, we come before you, O Lord.
Hand in hand, we are stepping out in faith.

We, who are gathered here, ask that you would take this couple into your hands. Help them, O Lord, to keep firm in the commitments they have just made.

Guide them, O God, as they become a family, as they each change through the years. May they be flexible as they are faithful.

And Lord, help us all to be your hands if there be need. Strengthen, tenderly all of our commitments, through Jesus Christ our Lord.


I quilled them designs onto a photo mat to use in an old Vintage Frame from Kirsten's grandma and added some of my mom's Vintage Pearls, the rest of the pearls are those kind that you use in Scrapbooking. I have taken the only photo I have and printed it out on my laser printer and inserted that into the frame to present her with the gift tomorrow when I see her. I feel so lucky to have been able to download this one photo from the photographer, it was nice of her to allow it.     

While I was quilling this design for Kirsten's frame, I couldn't resist to try to make a necklace so I did, I quilled a rose with some leaves. I added some stuff over the top of the paper to make it stiff and it looks really shiny in the photo. It will protect the design in the necklace from getting ruined.

I didn't get to get around to visit many blogs last week, because I was so busy making this and doing things that needed to get done before the wedding and also at home and with a sick pet. 

Edee was sick and I had to take her to the vets' she had pain on her underside when we would pick her up, they gave her pain meds and did a test for pancreatitis, but she did not have that, so the next thing would be to get an x-ray but she seems to be doing fine, I gather she either had gas that was stuck or she has arthritis, though they tell me she is to young, but her exam said Senior exam on my $239.00 vet bill, so if she is a Senior at 5 for a Senior Exam then perhaps she is a Senior for arthritis. Just saying........

I hope you all had a great week!      


  1. What a sweet picture of Kirsten and Glenn. :) I wish them many happy years together.
    I really like the frame and the necklace you made too. The quilling is very pretty.
    So sorry to hear that Edee hasn't been feeling well. Poor little pup. I hope she'll be feeling better very soon.
    Have a great week. Maybe you can relax a little now that the wedding is over. :)

  2. Hi Kat,
    Congratulations to Kirsten and Glenn. Lovely photos of them. I enjoyed the pics you shared on FB of them, too. Glad to hear that Edie is feeling better. Yes, those vets sure aren't shy about their fees. But we love our pets so do what we must ;o)

  3. Many happy years for Kirsten and Glenn. All the best.
    Edee is so cute, I love her little face!!!
    I hope she is better soon.
    now you can take a breath and relax.
    Have a lovely Monday evening.

  4. So glad to hear it went well! Beautiful picture!! I hope Edee is doing much better!!
    Have a great night!


  5. Hi Kat! Glad the wedding was lovely and no one was prevented from attending due to snow. I've seen some more photos on FB so maybe those were taken by you or guests? Hope Edie feels better and you can discover why she had pain. Jacob keeps trying to type on my keyboard so I'm correcting a lot of mistakes here. :) (((Hugz)))

  6. Hi Kat, glad all went well for the wedding, it's such a sweet photo & I love the pics you posted on Facebook. It was so sunny & beautiful. Poor Edee, glad she's better. Maybe an Xray would help, you never know.
    I love the photo in the truck! Hugs

  7. Hi Kat,
    Congratulations to Kirsten and Glenn! Beautiful photo and love the heart frame!Poor Edee-hope she is doing better.
    Hugs and blessings.

  8. Ciao Kat, happy Monday!
    Congrats to Kirsten and Glenn, what a sweet couple! :D
    So glad all went well for the wedding.
    Have a lovely March, big hugs!


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