Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last Minute Wedding Frazzle

Well all the plans are made for Kisten's wedding will take place at the Four Season's Lake Tahoe on the 26th.

I am feeling ubiquitous this week with so many things do do before the wedding.
The plan is we leave the house at 12 for a 5PM wedding, we will be there in plenty of time, but we want to change into some proper wedding attire. Steve will drive and my mom is coming with us. As far as I know there will be just a few there because they are eloping.
She is having wedding photos taken before the wedding at the great vista's in Lake Tahoe ad then some photos during the ceremony and a few afterwards. I think the whole wedding is going to be under $1000.00, minus her hair, nails, dress, shoes and Glenn's Tux and that is with the wedding photos, hotel and ceremony.  

I Have received her new dress and a shawl to go over the dress. She will come up to my house tomorrow and will put on the dress, shoes and shawl and Jewelry so we can see how it all looks together. She is making her hair appointment for some cute up-do of some sort with a flower in her hair, she loves hair bling.

Here are some photo's of the new dress with Shawl.

Very Marilyn Monroe inspired I think. I really love this dress more then the other one. This dress is going to be so cute with those shoes I got her.

I know you've already seen the necklace but I am putting everything in one post, so I can look back and see this if I want to in one place. 

There are earrings also, but I have not photographed them.

Kirsten is 12 weeks pregnant now and she will find out the day before my birthday what the sex of the baby is, my birthday is April 9, so she will know on the 8th. Yay! so excited!

So hopefully it does not snow on our way there to Lake Tahoe, we live about 1 hour and half away but icy, slick roads will slow us down for sure. It's really been snowing these past few days and just up the road from us they are getting snow.

For Kirsten's wedding gift I am making her a frame to put her wedding photo in, well not a frame, but I am taking a old Vintage frame that was her grandmother Betty's, that is my x's mom who has passed on, and I am going to go get a mat this week with a oval opening (I Hope), and then I am going to make quilled designs on the mat, in swirls, leafs and make paper roses and inside the paper roses I am going to put some loose pearls that were my moms that she never had strung. So she will have something in her frame from both her grandmother's, I thought that would be kind of sweet. The roses will be hot pink, because that is the color she wants in her wedding and she is really liking that color right now. It's going to be good to have this wedding stuff behind us, and we can look forward to the new addition to the family. I predict a girl still, but all the men are saying it's a boy as well as Kirsten's friends, we will see.

What did I make this week? I beaded a dragonfly, cute! I really like it.

Well that's about it........I will leave you with this photo of me in our friends Fred's truck, he is the one that owns a condo in Monterey that we stay in, Steve does all the engine work for him on his truck and we have it parked in our garage right now, Steve actually took my SUV out of the garage and put this truck in there. I see how my vehicle rates.
Anywho.....I had him take a photo of me in this sweet 68 chevy, unfortunately I didn't have any makeup on or nice clothes on either for this fun photo. But it's about the truck not me.

Please pray that there won't be any snow on the 26th, I will not drive up to Lake Tahoe if it's snowing, well steve is driving...but there is one corner on hwy 50 that scares me to death and I cannot go around that part of the mountain if it's snowing I freak out and especially if it is snowing.  


  1. Its going to be a beautiful wedding. So have put so much into it. The shoes are so pretty. She will look wonderful.
    I can't wait to see photos of the wedding.

  2. Everything is coming together beautifully! Wishing you all the very best and I will pray for no snow that day for you!


  3. Hi Kat,
    Happy Tuesday!
    Love the photos and everything is so beautiful! Such pretty shoes!
    Look forward to you sharing the wedding photos!
    Hugs and blessings.

  4. Ciao Kat, I am so happy for your daughter, she will have a fabulous and happy wedding! :)
    Wishing you all all the best, can't wait for some wedding photos! :D

  5. Hi Kat! There has been so much snow this year but I hope you will have a clear day and safe roads to travel. The shawl is so cute with the sparkles and I love the shoes, too.

    They often don't have the same pillow covers in the store that they have online and vice versa. My embroidered ones (the cornflower and almond) were online only. the bird ones are great- I love birds, too! (((Hugz)))

  6. Hi Kat,

    The dress is so pretty, as is the shaw. Oh, I also love those shoes, and everything else. Also, that is an adorable picture of you in the truck, and I think we have the same sweater, accept mines beige.

    Have a great week, & God bless you,


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