Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Going to be a Grammy Again

Happy New Year 2011!

May God's Peace be with you all this new year! Bless you all!

A photo of an ornament from our Christmas Tree.
In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust. Psalm 4: 8

I found out I am going to be a grammy again just yesterday. I have one granddaughter who was born in 1998, Morgan, she is 12 years old. I was a very young Grammy and it was a shock then as it is now. Already this year is headed in a direction that I had not planned or thought would be quite yet. This very year by Christmas we will have a new member to the family, I just can't believe it!

Yesterday Kirsten called and said she had something to tell me, I knew right away what it was. Moms just know these things. The day before I had told my husband if we had had any children together we would have named our daughter Naomi. Today Kirsten told me if she has a girl she will name her Naomi and if it's a boy Eli. Glenn and her will get married when he gets home, all this is happening the way she said it would not happen, but it is what it is.
Glenn has been gone, he has taken a job as a trucker and has been gone a lot. Kirsten is taking care of his children while he is away. Their mother is not able to care for them, she is a drug addict, so Glenn has full custody of his children. Kirsten will be their mother.

We have the dress for Kirsten, we have the shoes for Kirsten, we just need the wedding! my family is growing so fast! Late August is the possible due date or early September for the babies arrival. Kirsten will know when she goes for her first prenatal appointment. She has begun taking her prenatal vitamins already so that is good.

I am a little nervous about all this and it has not all sunk in yet! Kirsten was shocked too because she had no symptoms what so ever, but she was having a burning feeling in her stomach and that is why she went to the Doctor yesterday. They gave her a blood test and that is how they found out she was pregnant. She never thought she could get pregnant, that is because her first husband didn't want any kids and had a vasectomy before he was 20 years old. Kirsten married him anyway out of naivety and thinking they could adopt, but he didn't want that either. He lied to her saying he did. The marriage ended. They were together about 8 years total and 3 married, so she had a false sense of security most likely about getting pregnant. I remember just at Christmas I told her to be careful and several times I said take your time, slow down.

Naturally being a Christian and having a Christian family when she told me about the baby we discussed her having the baby and dedicating it to the Lord as both her brother Shane and her have been as well as Morgan. Please remember her in your prayers today and the new baby growing inside her, that God will keep his hand on them both and have his hand in this matter. It all just makes me a bit nervous and unsettled at this point. I want to be excited, I am excited but I am so nervous about everything. I know Kirsten is too, but she says don't worry the wedding is happening ASAP.


  1. How exciting! I pray that everything will go well for her! ♥

  2. Oh, you lucky lady! Congratulations! I will definitely keep your daughter and her new family in my prayers. Don't fret Kat, turn it all over to God and all will be well.


  3. Exciting news, Kat! So Kirsten will be a first time mom? And also a step-mom so she will have her hands full! Wishing her all the best with her marriage and pregnancy! Have a great rest of the week! (((Hugz)))

  4. Praying it all goes well for everyone.Things have a way of working out for the best when prayer is involved.
    Hugs and have a good evening.

  5. Congratulations, and what a blessing! God has special plans for this little one!

  6. Hi Kat! I'm very relieved that everything seems to be okay because I saw your post last night on FB about Kirsten having cramping, etc. I would've like to have had a granddaughter, too, but I really don't think Jessica should have more than the two boys! Jeff and I need to get on with retirement! ;) (((Hugz)))

  7. Hi Kat! I am so excited for all of you and I can understand your unsettleness. Just put it all in God's hands and everything will be just fine. Have a great weekend! ((BIG HUGS))

  8. How exciting Kat and congratulations!! Children are a precious and sweet blessing.
    Keeping you all in prayer.
    Love and blessings

  9. Oh, how exciting for you Kat! Congrats!It is wonderful news ... may Naomi/Eli enjoy the world of love.

    We've walked in your shoes so I know where you are coming from ... it is every Mother's nature to fuss & worry over their children no matter how old they are.

    Have a beautiful week, sweetie ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon


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