Thursday, January 20, 2011

Completed Vintage Art Bird and Flower Bracelets and Necklaces, Angels Too

Can you believe it's less then a month from Valentine's day and it seems like we just finished with Christmas! I didn't even really think about making Valentine crafts because I felt so lazy after Christmas, but I had a burst of energy this week.

So in my last post I talked about the Ice Resin, well it works great. I love it. I think the jewelry pieces turned out really pretty, it's not an exact science but the results were pretty darn good.

You can click on this photo to make it larger. It really shows off the resin after it's set for a few days. I made this larger gold heart into a cute necklace, I am just showing the bottom part here, I added the little red bead to the chain. 

Another gold Vintage Art Heart, I added a cute branch and some red beads to this necklace. I have some silver ones ready for me to add into necklaces, but I have not gotten that far yet.

Here are the gold photo frames that I used for the Victorian images instead of photos, I used pearls and cute rose bud beads.
Here is the silver Vintage art photo frame bracelets, I used pearls and the rose bud beads on these also.
Round Gold Bezel Vintage Art Bracelet
Round Silver Bezel Vintage Art Bracelet

Cute hand display to show off your jewelry. So you can find this jewelry at my website I am in the process of posting it there. 

Today I went to buy a pair of shoes to wear with my purple and black dress, I was suppose to go to the store and get some black strappy sandals that you can wear with nylons, without the toe part. I found them the other day and fit perfect and great price too. When I got to the store I was distracted buy a darling pair of silver sandals that had rhinestones and beads at the top, both have a slight heal both the black and silver, I brought home the silver sandals and put them to the dress and discovered there is that toe part........darn what was I thinking! I can't bare to return them I love them so much now, so tomorrow I have to go back to the store and hopefully the last pair of black strappy sandals are still there in size 6, they were the only ones I liked that were black. I don't even own a black pair of sandals, I guess I got rid of my old ones, they were to big. I really need to get those sandals or my toes will be very cold and my legs without nylons this time of year.......
The reason I need them, is this weekend we are going to Old Sacramento to the Suspects Murder Mystery Dinner on the Delta King on the Sacramento River with our best friends Roger and Peggy. I've never been to the Mystery Dinner and either have they. The Delta King has a fantastically interesting history if you would like to read about it, it is the . If you ever come to Sacramento you definitely need to go to Old Sacramento. I don't live in Sacramento, but we live close about 40 minutes. I don't really go to Sacramento much at all these days, but I go a few times a year and usually it's always to Old Sacramento or the Zoo or something like that. I prefer my own stomping grounds up here in Placer County where the city is small and quaint.  

Interesting tid bit the King and her identical twin is the Delta Queen now located now in Tenn. History here very fascinating.  

One more daughter is worrying way to much about everything. I don't think I was as bad as her when I was pregnant, because I was to young and stupid at 17 and 18 to know better. I guess the older you get the more you worry. I figured when Kirsten's child is 20, she will be the same age I am right now. She really has her hands full with Glenn's two kids and he is still in training for the truck driving. He got to come home but for one day, it's hard on the kids and Kirsten I guess they all cried when he left. Kirsten has her first prenatal appointment next week, we will know the dates better and for sure how far along she is after this appointment. She seems to feeling fine and her clothes still fit despite the fact she is somewhere between 8-9 weeks. I hope the dress I bought her still fits for the wedding they are planning in March, it will be a Justice of the Peace she says or Lake Tahoe if the weather is good for the drive there.

Until next time stay warm and cozy and read a good book. I am reading a great book right now. I can't wait to come back and tell you about our dinner! so excited!!!!


  1. Hi Kat,
    Your new jewelry turned out so lovely! It's hard to pick out a favorite lol. Have a wonderful day. Lotsa hugs

  2. Hi Kat!

    Your jewelry is gorgeous! My daughter needs hands etc to show her jewelry also, that's a great effect for the jewelry! Thanks for sharing the history! I hope you and your friends have a great time, good luck finding the shoes. :-)

  3. Hi, Kat~
    Your jewelry is just beautiful! I'm sure you've had a lot of fun making it.
    Have fun at the Mystery Dinner! :)


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