Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 Things God Wants You To Remember

1. I will give you rest
2.I will bless you
3. I will not fail
4. I will strengthen you
5. I will provide for you
6. I will answer you
7. I will be with you
8. I believe in you
9. I am for you
10. I love you

I found this "10 Things God Wants You To Remember" the other day while looking for birthday bags that we recycle over and over again through the family, one bag I needed for Kayla's birthday this last week and my moms birthday on December 31. I had not seen mom this new year yet until Friday when we spent the day together and I took her to Marie Calendars for lunch. We had a nice salad and some delicious my favorite pie of all time is the German Chocolate pie. Yummy! It's hard to believe my mom is 78 years old the grandma to 6 grand children, 4 step grandchildren and one great granddaughter, that is my granddaughter Morgan. Soon she will have two great grandkids, so I told her she needs to stay healthy this year to see the new baby that Kirsten is going to have. Oh.... you hadn't heard I am going to be a grandma again!

I wish I knew if it was a boy or girl I want to make a quilt and crochet a baby hooded blanket but I guess you don't find out until about 4 months along? I am not sure about this.

Kirsten has so many questions since she is a first time mom so I bought her a book to read. She can't believe she is pregnant, because she does not have any symptoms. She did have to go to the emergency room last week because she had horrid pain, but they found that she has a cyst on her ovary and the baby is just fine. So that was good news, it really gave us quite a fright.

Here is the quilt I am going to make as soon as I find out if it's pink or blue. It's the quilt I want to make for the baby, I love the Ohio Stars for two reason's, my mom was born in Ohio and Kirsten loves Stars.

I love this quilt just the way it is, so I don't want to change much about it, I will not be able to find fabric just like exactly like that, that would be so nice though but would only work for a girl. If it's a boy I will make it mainly blue.
My two favorite magazines are this new one called "Sew Scrappy" Quilts for Fabric Lovers by Better Homes and Garden and "Quilts and More" neither can you get a subscription so I have to look all over town for the Quilts and more usually to get one, I hardly ever find it in the area we live in, but have to travel here and there for it.    

I fit right in with women my age this time around because all my friends my age are now becoming grandma's so it's so exciting! last time I was the only one my age and everyone thought Morgan was my child, one of my best friends had her own baby the year Morgan was born. To funny! Now she is both a grandma and mom to a 12 year old, it's interesting how women are having children later and later these days.

I learned a new craft this past week called quilling I love it, I plan to make an owl for my first large project & for my first smaller project I made my mom a card wit a quilled snowflake on it.  
I made my own owl pattern last year and sewed Morgan an owl pillow and I will use that same pattern to make a paper quilled owl to frame and then hang on the wall. I am so excited to get started on these crafts, I just love to quilt and sew and I love paper crafts. Okay, Okay I love all crafts just about........



  1. CONGRATULATIONS on being a is the best thing in the world! You will be so amazed at how much you love that child, it is heavenly! Love that quilt too, very pretty! :D

  2. Lovely quilt. Would look great in both blue and pink. Yellow also.
    Love your 10 things list and its so very true. Good things to remember when down in the dumps especially.
    Thanks for posting them Kat!

  3. I love the "10 Things God Wants You To Remember" list. What a lovely quilt! You are so lucky you can make it yourself! I just had one commissioned so that it will be done in time for my Little Darling's first birthday in May.

    ~ Tracy

  4. Hi Kat,
    Congrats on about to become a grandma again. What a fun time and the quilt you are going to make will be gorgeous no doubt. I hope to be a grandma someday. I would love to paint many a baby projects.
    Love your quilling card. I have seen this and if I can get some time, I would love to try it too.

    Sounds like a special time you had with your mom and God Bless her at 78.
    Love the 10 things God wants us to know. HE really is always with us and that is such a comfort.

    Thank you for stopping by. Always nice to see you.
    Hugs from bitter cold Texas,
    Celestina Marie

  5. I really like your list of ten things God wants you to remember! Those are very good!
    The quilt is so pretty! I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job! I'm looking forward to seeing it! :)

  6. You are going to be a exciting. If she chooses to find out if it is a boy or a girl it is usually done around 4 months.
    I love the quilt. Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

  7. Hi Kat, thanks for your nice comment on my blog, it's nice to "meet" you. :)

  8. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
    Aren't God's promises so wonderful!

  9. Hi Kat! I'm glad that everything is okay with the baby! You will have plenty of time for your quilt- probably 5 months- to make it. I know you're anxious! Does Kirsten want a girl? I guess her fiancee has one of each. I remember reading so many baby books when I was 1st pregnant. I'm sure K has a lot of questions. These will be exciting times ahead for all of you! (((Hugz)))

  10. What a cute craft! Turned out great, and that quilt is gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Wonderful news, Kat! That quilt you're going to make for the new baby is quite lovely. I love all the stars on it. Have a super day. Big hugs

  12. Ciao Kat, happy 2011! I guess better later then never ;) but our laptop is still acting up. Anyway, I just read the wonderful news, congrats Kat! So glad for your daughter :) and that quilt you are making for the baby is quite lovely.
    Have a lovely evening!
    *hugs* and smiles your way!

  13. Hi Kat,
    Congratulations on another grandchild! How exciting for your family. I love that quilt, it's so pretty.

    I love the list of 10 things...

    Enjoy the rest of your week! Doesn't look like rain for awhile! :)


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