Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Door Hanger and Funny Pets

Today I had to be out of the house by 8:40 am. I had to leave early for an appointment with my allergist. I was hoping I would not have to have any more allergy shots, but that is not meant to be quite yet I guess. I have been having bad earaches at night and I have had two Doctor's look in my ears but they cannot see anything wrong. So now I have to go to a Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. Ugg! My Doctor even told me that he never heard of anyone only having earaches at night. It happens to me whatever side of my head I am sleeping on, that that side of my ear will hurt really really bad even sometimes excruciating pain. I do have the earaches during the day too, but not as much, mostly only at night when I sleep it's really Weird, though my ears are very sensitive because they hurt when it's windy and cold too. I have to wear a hat.

This weekend my family is coming over and we are having our Christmas get together. I won't be fixing any Christmas dinner this year. I am so glad to be having a year off from doing that. Once everyone gets their gifts my tree will be so naked under it except for the few presents for Steve and I. That is going to be strange because this is the first time we have done this. Anyway I am going to get pizza for everyone and have out some pies and other things. It will be so easy.  

I just wanted to post my Christmas snowman door hanger I made recently to give to a friend for Christmas today. I also wanted to post some photos of my pets here today, I love to decorate them all for the holidays.....they are so cute!

Here is the door hanger I quilted for a friend of mine for a Christmas gift. It has little red Christmas bells on the bottom.

Here is my cat Tabitha hiding in our linen closet, don't mind the mess in there, I didn't know she jumped in there and was about to close the door when I seen her.

Here Tabitha is sleeping behind a pillow she pushed out of the way and I put a Christmas hat on her. She didn't even mind. 

Here is a pillow pal that I bought for one of the kids and Edee and Effie went crazy over it. It's a stuffed toy and when you release the velcro it's a nice pillow.

     Here is Effie checking out another pillow pal. I like this ladybug one, it's so cute! 

 Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Awwww they look so adorable!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. So sorry to hear about your earaches. I hope you'll be able to find out what's wrong soon!
    The snowman door hanger is so cute!
    We have a cat like that too. We have to make sure we keep the closets and drawers closed, or he crawls in and takes a nap. Pets are so funny!
    Have a great weekend. ♥

  3. Hi Kat,
    So sorry to hear about your earaches...they can be so painful. I hope that the doctor will be able to figure out what is wrong, and help you. I hope your family get together went well. Your cat and dogs are so cute. Animals fill such a special place in our lives, don't they?

    I hope you enjoy a blessed, and Merry Christmas. Take care, my friend.

  4. Hello Kat,

    I am sorry to hear about your earaches. Your snowman door hanger is cute. You did a great job! Your furbabies are adorable! Tabitha has the perfect spot! She looks too cute sleeping with her santa hat! Hmmm. I wonder if Edee and Effie are going to share the new pillow pals with their intended recipients!

    ~ Tracy

  5. Hi Kat! I googleg your nighttime ear pain and found a discussion about it. Someone even mentioned fibromyalgia so thought you might want to read what they're saying. No expert advice, tho... just a discussion:

    Looks like Edie and Effie need their own pillow pals. Ryan has one at my house and I think he has one at his house, too. The ladybug is my favorite.

    Enjoy Christmas! (((Holiday Hugz)))

  6. Hi Kat! Your snowman door hanger is so cute! Bella has her own pillow pal that she sleeps on during the day. She has a cow and loves it! She doesn't like anybody touching her cow while she is on it...very possessive of it, lol ((BIG HUGS))

  7. Merry Christmas Kat, I can't believe it's almost here. Thinking of you, hugs

  8. Hi Kat! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Enjoy this holiday week and I wish you health and happiness in 2011! (((Holiday Hugz)))

  9. All the fur babies are so adorable. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

  10. Merry Christmas, Kat :) (hugs)

  11. Hi Kat,

    The pet pictures are so precious. I love animals so these pictures made me smile.

    God bless you

  12. I just found your blog because I was looking for old fashioned Christmas photos! Love it! Glad I found it! :) Stephanie


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