Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Cold November

Golly gee........ I am sure feeling much better about things. I think God is answering my prayers and I think I am almost done with this nagging problem. Praise the Lord!

I have started to keep a prayer journal and I will try to write in it each evening or morning. I think that will help me a lot with my feelings and emotions which I have a hard time with my emotions.

I love this verse from the bible Psalms 143:8
Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, 
for I have put my trust in you. 
Show me the way I should go, 
for to you I entrust my life.

This is from the New International Version although I normally read the King James bible.

What a crazy world in which we live and it can sometimes be completely overwhelming.  I am so glad I have Jesus to help me along the way.

I love to listen to Hal Lindsey  and read the Rapture Alert. Both very interesting Christian websites.

It sure is very cold for November.....I was going to take a photo of the snow capped mountains but I had to pick Morgan up from school today and dashed out of the house to get her and forgot my camera. I took her shopping for her Christmas present. She will not get them yet, but I needed her foot with us. She has grown so tall, she is about 5'4" tall now and her feet are huge at size 11 or 12 in women's!  She wanted boots but try as we might several times now we have not been able to find boots that fit her feet. So today she picked out two pairs of sneakers by Converse and another popular brand. They are really cute shoes. She was happy but not happy that she could not have them yet, I said patience my dear and she said I don't like patience, I said yeah I know what you mean I am not a fan either sometimes but we must have it. She picked out some bright neon colored socks, so she wanted to take those home since she could not take home the 2 pairs of sneakers and I said that would be okay. So she was happy and sweet today we had a nice day together. When I get her alone she is as good as gold. I made her put her cell phone away and said be with the one your with. She is a constant texter and she is only 12 years old.

I got home at 6pm and I made dinner it had to be quick, so I made Pork Chop Apple Bake it's a quick easy delicious dinner.
Here is how you make it. Cook 4 pork chops in extra virgin olive oil with salt and pepper until no longer red. In baking dish put in a can of your favorite Bush Baked Beans, I use bold and spicy.
Then put in about 4 or 5 cored and skins removed Fuji apples on top the beans and slice them as you would for pie, you can add a bit of sugar and cinnamon if you like. I do not do this because I do not like mine sweet. Lay your pork chops on top of the apples and beans and bake covered in foil for about 40 minutes and 10 uncovered at 350 F.

I got Kirsten's shoes for her wedding and her dress will be here Friday. She and Glenn have decided to elope because Glenn lost his job and had to take a job with a trucking company and will be traveling for 10 weeks at a time. Kirsten will be caring for his two children while he is away. So when he returns in February I think they might elope. I picked out Kirsten's dress for her and shoes and was surprised she allowed me to choose this dress for her. It's so pretty! I love the shoes too she is gonna be so pretty. I think she is so brave to take on all this, I am not sure I could do it. She is so much like her step father my husband Steve! it's amazing!!!!
When we met and married Steve got two kids too!
Here is her wedding dress, I hope it will fit her well it's just darling. Here are the shoes t-strap glitzy sandals.  

To bad I cannot download the sandals and dress photos but instead only link to them. I liked it in the old days when you could take the photo of the item you were buying and save it your computer and put it on your website.

In any event Kirsten and Glenn will probably run off to Lake Tahoe to get married, that is what everyone does around here for quick weddings, it's so close to us and so beautiful. Steve and I got married there across from the Lake one July day in 1988 on the California side of Lake Tahoe. I didn't want to get married in Nevada. I wonder what Kirsten will do?

Well I figured out why my son does not like that I am not cooking on Christmas! because his wife is working that day. Morgan talks a lot and I don't have to say a thing but learn so much! LOL! she was just rambling on and on and said how her dad cannot live without her mom and he depends on her to do so much for him. Kids say the funniest things and a lot of what they say when they are thinking out loud is so true.

We are going to hang Christmas lights this weekend and decorate for Christmas. Next week we have a bit of Christmas shopping to do for us! we are going to put a cherry on top for our kitchen remodel this year (well kind of), more of a updating and new appliances because our stove that came in the house 7 years ago broke and so that started a whole make-over in the kitchen, but we are thinking of  getting a new sink and faucet. Right now we have stainless steel appliances with a white sink and it does not match the granite counter top, so we are going to get a beige sink and stainless steel faucet. Steve wanted all stainless steel but I thought that would be ugly.... so we had to compromise, he could have a stainless steel faucet that I use! LOL and I would get the beige porcelain sink. He didn't care for the new granite sinks at all they have out and they are suppose to be very sanitary. I really like them but they won't match our granite anyway and I don't want to clash granite.
Here is the before and after photos of the kitchen dining room with wall border and without. So much less busy now. I am not sure I ever took any photos of the stainless steel appliances because they were hard to photograph, besides I am not one to get excited about appliances.  I do get excited about clothes, dishes and beads though.

Have a great December!
"Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things,
but just look what they can do when they stick together.,, -Vista M. Kelly


  1. Hi, Kat ~
    I'm glad you and Morgan had a good time together! Patience is hard, isn't it??
    I'm glad things are going better for you. I think a prayer journal is a great idea!
    The wedding dress is beautiful and the sandals will go so well with it!
    I'm hoping to get some Christmas decorating done soon too.

    Take care. ♥

  2. Thanks for your visit. Sounds like you are a busy lady, have a great month, it only comes once a year! ;D

  3. Hello Kat!

    Thanks for the blog visit... I've sure enjoyed visiting your blog. I love your blog title and I'm a "pathological picture taker" too!

    I plan to try your Pork Chop Apple Bake... sounds yummy!

  4. Hi Kat!

    thanks for the well wishes for Hayley, she is doing better today. Hopefully she will go to school tomorrow. :-)

    sounds like you are one busy lady! Hope you have a wonderful evening...


  5. Hi Kat! I love Kirsten's dress and shoes...so pretty! I need to update Kalli's wedding blog, I just don't seem to have the time. When is Kirsten getting married? Your pork chops look yummy. ((BIG HUGS))

  6. Hi Kat,

    Thanks so much for joining me on my blog journey. You have a beautiful family, and very adorable dogs. I have 1 golden retriever. I like how you share pictures of meals, and how to make them. I'm a huge fan of tortilla soup, and I wish I had a bowl in front of me now. Kristen's dress is so perfectly pretty, I would wear that. I look forward to reading more on your blog.

    God bless your night,
    Michele Katherine

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  8. Hi Kat! Happy to hear you're feeling better about things and also that you had a nice day with Morgan! I'll bet she's going to be very tall with feet that size! Kirsten's dress is lovely and the shoes, too! The kitchen is the last room left that we need to remodel which is funny because that's the room most people do first. Goes to show you how little time I spend there. ;) (Hugz)))

  9. Hi Kat,

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm having a giveaway for the holidays, if you get a chance check it out and enter!

    Have a great day!


  10. Hello Kat, I love Kristen dress, it's very pretty. Glad you had a great day with Morgan, she sure is tall & according to her feet size she'll be much taller! I'm sure your kitchen is going to look awesome. Everything is stainless steel in my kitchen too, it's really pretty. I love what you have done everywhere in your house, it looks awesome. Have a great weekend, warm hugs
    PS It's been a cold November almost everywhere.

  11. Hi Kat, the pork shops look yummy and the dress is beautiful! It has been cold here in So CA too. Lake Tahoe is beautiful. It has been years since I was there. Have a great week!

  12. Hi Kat! Hope you're having a great weekend. Had to come back and tell you the fire in our fireplace is a gas fire. Very realistic looking, isn't it? :) That's cute about Effie wanting to stick to her 9 PM bedtime. That's about when Cooper settles down, too. Once I'm sure he won't have any accidents, he will get to just sleep on the floor of our bedroom in a doggy bed. After he gets up to go potty around 4:30 or 5, I move his bed on the floor next to me and he sleeps another hour or two. He has a crate and I put his toys and a blanie in there but he really doesn't seem to care for it. Kanan loves his crate and they do come in handy so I hope we can get Cooper to like it. (((Hugz)))

  13. Hi Kat,

    Kirsten's dress and shoes are beautiful. You have good taste. Eloping can be just as romantic as a big wedding. I wish Kirsten much love and happiness with her new family.

    I am glad you had a wonderful day with Morgan. I can't believe how fast they grow.

    Your turkey tortilla soup looks delicious as does your pork chop apple bake. I love pork and apples together. I also made turkey soup. Tom looks forward to having soup after Thanksgiving.

    Your dining room is gorgeous.

    Have a beautiful Monday, Kat.



  14. Hi Kat, I can't believe how tall Morgan is now. The pork chop apple bake looks delicious. Thank you for adding the recipe for us. Have a lovely Monday. Hugs


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