Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

If you are looking for my contest it's here.

I hope you're having a great long weekend! Steve painted our trim, I helped him yesterday and it was so hot! I didn't want to work in that heat but I didn't want to be a baby so I did what he asked me to do. I didn't die, but I was so glad when I had finished doing the door trim, the shutters and the garage trim and we have a three car garage so it was a lot of work.

We found a trim for the house that was almost the same as what we had but it's a bit lighter, but nothing noticeable to our neighbors just us since we could see the difference while we painted. Steve really had the hard part because the trim on the top of the house is beveled and stucco and wood that was hard to paint. Painting the trim is harder then painting the house. Painting the house would just be sprayed on.

Here are some photos of our house with the new trim. Looks so fresh and pretty, it's not sweat equity anymore, but sweat labor since not many in CA are getting equity out of their homes unless they have lived their house a long time and even then, they are not getting what they would have gotten a few years ago. Such is life!


My shutters turned out so pretty

I always think it's interesting to see the different styles of houses from around the country. Ours is a ranch style home. It does not look like a ranch style home to me, but that is what they called it.  

See the bevels up near the tile roof that was a bear to paint. Both Steve and I have sore necks and shoulders and we both have bad neck and shoulders anyway, both from work accidents. How weird is that! Steve has a bad disk. Mine is just constant pain, Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Muscle Pain) and Fibromyalgia.  
That's why I choose to stay home and not work, otherwise I would be working right now. I try to do my crafts as a way to keep busy and be productive.  A few years back I tried to go back to work creating my own business as a Notary Public and Loan Signer, I made pretty good money, but it was to stressful for me to travel everywhere and never knowing when you were going to work and not work. Most of my jobs were at night and we live in rural area so it's scary to drive out to these country homes at night on country roads that you have never driven on before and travel to towns you have only passed through by yourself. It was just to much. My mom and daughter worried about me so much and I think Steve did worry also, but he wanted me to do my thing so he was silent about any fears he might have had.     
I also had a part time job working for the attorney doing Paralegal work, he did my divorce to my first husband and he's been a friend of mine every since. My divorce was the first divorce he had ever done and it was also the last. 

A few weeks ago while Steve was on a fishing trip, I went to meet up with my friend Terry I met her in High School the 9th grade, it's going to be her birthday, so I made her a pair of earrings, they have little Swarovski Crystal Butterflies at the top, so cute! hopefully she does not come to my blog and see them.

I'm going to meet up with another friend of mine that was my best friend from 7th grade until the our sophomore year in high school her name is Annette. I'm so excited to see her it's been over 12 years! we are meeting up next week. Her birthday is also in September.

Have a nice Labor Day! 


  1. Hello this is kim sills at Just to let you know I posted that bloggers should go through my sidebar to link to your site. I didnt realize the picture I put under my post I didnt set that up so I went back to make an adjustment and saide to go to my sidebar to get to your site. Thanks. I like your house it is really pretty and I love the shutters! Hope the fibromyalgia gets better.

  2. Your home looks lovely! The earrings are super cute!

  3. Your home looks beautiful Kat! The hard work you both put into it really shows! The earrings are beautiful, I like how you put the butterfly at the top. As I'm typing I'm noticing the leaves falling from the right side of your blog. How cool. :-) I still have to get busy decorating my house for Fall!

    You are more then welcome about the blog entry I did on my blog. I hope it gets more traffic to your site! I'm always willing to help friends. Yes, my house is fairly large, it's hard to get a good picture until the leaves fall off our trees in the front. Then I'll post some pics.

    Have a wonderful day!


  4. Hi Kat!! Your house turned out really pretty!! Oh do work, you have your jewelry. That is your job. Silly girl!!
    You were saying you hope I am done with school too, but I have this year and next year. I will be done Spring 2012. It goes fast for me. It is just stressful. It is good I at least know when I will be done now...LOL!! Before I was just trying to take classes and had no clue how long it would take. :) Have a nice week. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  5. Hi Kat! I will have to come back & join in your fun giveaway! I would do it tonight, but I am so behind in my reads & staying up late to read them. You do such lovely work with your jewelry! Your friend is going to love hers that you made her.

    You & your hubby did a great job on your house! It's hard work to do the upkeep on our homes, but so worth it.

    Hope you have a blessed week Kat. I'll let you know when I have joined your giveaway. Great idea! Hugs

  6. Hello Kat, I have been having troubles leaving a comment lately. This is about my 5th attempt. I posted your links & pic & I hope it helps.
    Your house is gorgeous, I love the little windows below the roof, are they vents? It's very cute. I hope you are having a great day, hugs

  7. Hi again Kat, I use Safari too & it's the first time I have troubles leaving comments. It might be Blogger not working well too. I tried with Camino which is Firefox version for Mac & it didn't work either. I hope this will go easily :o) Hugs

  8. Hi Kat! Great job on the painting. That's nice that you have almost like a crown molding type of trim- better than just flat boards. After a break since we've done so much, I want Jeff to do crown molding in all our bedrooms and the family room. Have fun with the get-togethers with old friends. (((Hugz)))

  9. Wow, your home looks really beautiful, Kat! :) The earrings you made for your friends are adorable, I am sure she will love them! I posted about your contest at my blog. I also used one of your gorgeous bracelet shots, to show how talented you are. :) Hope you will get many new customers. Have a blessed rest of the week, hugs!

  10. Hi Kat,
    To answer your question. I have acrylic nails. I wear clear polish and I have pretty pink tips. We put blue ploish on my toes with pink flowers and little rhinstones :) Your house looks great with the pianted trim. The kids hose is ready to be framed tomorrow. 5 weeks then the roof electrical and plumbing. The house is going to be a little over 3000 sq feet now. They are only going with 3 bedrooms instead of 4 so the rooms are going to be even bigger than there other house. Have a good time with your long time girlfriend.
    Hugs, Dru


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