Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just Me!

Finally I think I have something to write about. Every summer I am sick from allergies and this year I have other things going on in my body. It's been fun, fun, fun. I just went to get my shots today and then stopped to pick up dog food for my pups. I also went on a little shopping trip because I am going to be watching my moms dog Missy until next Tuesday as she is visiting my brother Kirk in Utah and his family, they have three kids five and under. Steve is going on a fishing trip with Pop, thats my father in law on Friday and won't be back until Sunday. I feel safe because my neighbor works for Placer County and carries a gun and has a yellow lab in his yard that protects both his yard and mine - LOL!. Edie and Effie help all they can as well -:). My brother Norm is less then 8 minutes away the next town over and my son lives a lot closer now after his recent move, so it's nice that family is near by. I live the furthest away from the bigger city, so I always have to travel into town to shop and visit family.  

On my shopping trip I got a lot for my money. I spent $80.00 and got 3 tops, 1 sweater in a pretty grey and a pair of cute pants that fit so nice. Last week I bought a cute silver purse and the store JCP gave me a online survery to take, so I did it and went back today with a 15% coupon and everything was already on sale, so I saved $70.00 dollars, not bad.

Here is the cute purse I bought it's silver. I love silver and gold this year. I stopped and bought a new wallet for it at Kohl's because they were the only place I could find a silver wallet for less then $20.00. I don't change purses often I am still caring my bird purse I made back in the spring. Here is the link to it.  I have since changed the handles to round wicker handles that are really big and nice.  My purse still looks good. I will change to my new purse in September I think. I really like fashion and hand-made items and jewelry. Although my new purse is not handmade it's just what I wanted! and I looked high and low for one that was not going to cost me an arm and a leg. I won't pay more then $50.00 for a purse, this one was slightly under. Back when I had a job I would pay $100.00 for a purse or more. In any event I made a cute pair of silver earrings that will look awesome with my grey sweater and silver purse or maybe black would be better to make it pop!       

I've been absent because I have been making a lot of earrings for customers. So I decided to open my Etsy shop back up and give it another whirl with concentration only on a few things like Lucite flower Earrings and Botanical Bracelets. I might add more things later, but for now that's it, just earrings and a few bracelets. This week I am offering free shipping to try and get my business on there going. Competition is tight.  

I found this old photo of myself while scanning photos of Steve, the kids and I at different places we have been to throughout the US making a map on Flickr. When I get a bit further in it I will show it to you.

This is me with my wild hair in the 70's I'm still a Levi's girl. I don't know how old I was but I am thinking about 14. That is my cat Tiger that I begged my dad for. I loved that cat so much! she thought she was a dog and would fetch a chain that I wore around my neck with the house key on it. That was not my fashion statement jewelry......but my dad made us kids wear it. I would always take mine off and put it in my purse or pocket. After all I was a teenager and I bought cute jewelry. I made my own earrings & necklaces, that key chain  was cramping my style. Anyway Tiger would have fun with it, I would throw it to her and she would fetch it and bring it back to me and put it on the floor right in front of wherever I was sitting. She did other funny things too. I was letting her climb the tree that day. but  not letting her to far out of my site, because she was a indoor cat. No cat of mine was gonna get ran over.

So here is my cat today Tabitha, she is a very sweet cat. I once had another cat I loved so very much his name was Tweety and he also fetched like my Tiger did. So now I have Tabitha apparently I like names that start with a T for my cats. I have had more cats, but these are my three favorite cats of all time. I do have a photo of Tweety somewhere he looks quite different from Tiger and Tabitha. My cat Tabitha is now 10 years old.
Here she is.

Tabitha has a very fat belly, that jiggles like a bowl full of jello when she walks, it's so funny.
Okay so what does a single girl do with all this time I am going to have this week. I don't know maybe work on Christmas gifts or go visit my brother Norm at his new X Box repair business he opened up. After returning from Florida for his year adventure with his wife he started his own x box repair business and he is making enough to rent his own place finally after a year. Congrats to my brother Norm and Happy Birthday to my brother Kirk on Fiday!  


  1. Hi Kat, what a wonderful post, your purse is fun & it will look pretty with your earrings. What a great photo with Tiger, you haven't changed much. Tabitha is so cute, I guess she needs to be on a diet but she looks good anyway. Have a great week, hugs

  2. Hi Kat! Wow, you really got some bargains! I love your purse! Love all your new earrings too. I wasn't aware that you had closed your Etsy shop for awhile.

    I loved the pic of you & reading about your cats that you've had. Tabitha is so pretty!

    Hope you have a wonderful week Kat. Hugs!

  3. Hi Kat! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment. It made my day!
    I'll still be around, just not as much.
    Love the picture of Tabitha. She's a very pretty cat. I am definitely a cat person. I have a dog and two cats, and one of the cats (Oreo) is huge and has a jiggly belly too! He's a sweetheart!
    Your jewelry is beautiful!

  4. thanks for visiting our blog and entering the contest! It is fun to read other people's moving experiences for sure :)

    Tabitha is a beautiful cat!! I bet you will find something to do during your 'free time' when your husband is visiting his father. Always seems like there is something or another to do around the house. Very talented you are too with your jewelry!!

    (we've left California two other times and we always end back here.......don't know how that happens, LOL -definitely God's doing not ours :)

    take care


  5. Hi Kat!
    Thank you so much for your lovely, kind comments on my blog. That was so very sweet of you! Your jewelry is beautiful, and Etsy gives me an idea for my daughter's jewelry. Maybe we could give that a go too. I have a cat whose belly jiggles and sways when she walks too. LOL
    Have a great week! I'm sure you'll stay busy.

  6. Hi Kat, sorry about the allergies. I know they are no fun at all.
    I love the cat photos. You got some great deals shopping.
    Your jewelery is lovely.

  7. Happy Wednesday, Kat! :)
    Your earrings are so pretty, you are very talented. Love the pictures of Tabitha, she looks so sweet! Have a happy rest of the week, hope your allergies will leave you alone for a while. Hugs

  8. Hi Kat! Cute purse- it looks a little bronze in the photo. I'm sure you will keep very busy on your own. when Jeff was working and had his 24 hour shifts, I always kept so busy and never worried about being alone. Hope Steve has a great fishing trip... will he bring home fish to cook? The "George Washington photos" were very stuffy photos of Justin & Jessica when they were about 5 and 8 years old. The windows you asked about look out on to our backyard so we don't need drapes or coverings for privacy. There are pretty birch trees... you can see them a little in the photos I'm posting tomorrow. (((Hugz)))

  9. Hi Kat,
    You look so cute in the levi's and the fluffy hair. Much older than 14 years old I might add. Aww Tabitha is 10 Billy just turned 9 years old they consider them seniors at 7! Cute purse. That is a color that will go with everything. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  10. congrats Kat, you won part of my giveaway! email me at Lv2Trnscrb@aol.com with your address; check out my blog with your choice of winnings!



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