Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

Happy Birthday to my honey Steve. It's his birthday tomorrow. He has to work so we kind of celebrated it on Sunday. He bought some fishing supplies for his upcoming get away with his step dad in a few weeks when they take their yearly trip to Pyramid Lake, Nevada.
We went to Sportsman Wharehouse this is a fabulous store.
While Steve was picking out his fishing supplies, I was checking out the riffles & camping gear. I would never shoot an animal, but I like to target practice. I also love archery and this was one of my favorite sports in school. When I was not at school I was at the pool or river.
In any event I spent a lot of money in my mind while there.
We also went to Wal-mart and I never go there, but we did and Steve bought me a iPod iTouch 3rd Generation, it's really nice. I don't have a smart phone, so this is really nice to have for your music and surfing the Internet using WiFi. It was easy to set up and I love it. I put my music onto it and in the evening went to bed to relax and listened to all my Christian music. It was really relaxing and I am headed off to lie down to do it again in just a few moments. He said that was my belated birthday present. It's kind of fun to get gifts on someone else's birthday!

We were going to take a drive this week, but I have been in a funk and didn't feel like going anywhere. So maybe next week we will go to the places I had mapquested for us for this week.
It was going to be a tiny covered bridge and the haunted Preston Castle. If you read about it,  you might see why I would not want to go in it, plus we will have the pups with us.
I just want to photograph it, it's very popular and interesting architecture. though I have never seen it. I have been to the Winchester Mystery House with my mom and kids and that was a lot of fun. That was in the 90's though a long long time ago. Doesn't it seem like the 90's was so long ago?

Here is a cute photo of Kirsten my daughter and her boyfriend Glen and his kids they are so cute! Kirsten looks so happy.
Tomorrow on Steve's birthday he has to work like I said, but it was my daughter's birthday last week so mom and I are meeting her after she gets off work and that's pretty early at around 2:30 for her belated birthday lunch. She was in Lake Tahoe this past weekend. It's getting harder and harder to pin her down these days.

have a great middle of the week!


  1. Hi Kat!! Happy Birthday to Steve and Kirsten!! I love the picture of her and Glen. They do look happy.
    I hope you feel better!! Enjoy your new iPod Touch!! :) Have a nice week. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  2. Happy birthday to Steve, too bad he has to work today. Kristen looks great & happy on this photo, I hope you have a great time with her today. Your sigtag is so cute, it works well with you. Have a great week, hugs

  3. Happy Birthday to Steve! Sounds like a good day! Enjoy your Ipod touch, I've heard they are nice! Have a great day! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. :-)

  4. Hi Kat,
    Happy Birthday to Steve!
    What a lovely picture of your family!
    Hope your allergies are better?
    I really feel for Judy too as she struggles to deal with these ever present storms. She is a really special person.
    I have been somewhat absent from blogging as I have been enjoying my little grand baby and supporting my daughter as she had a really tough and traumatic time during her labour and delivery. Getting back now.
    Have a great day!
    Blessings and hugs.

  5. Happy Birthday to Steve! Hope you have a great day! There is an amazing sportsman store on the way to Vegas (by Ontario Mills) called Bass Pro Shop. It's like Disneyland for men. They even have a stream in the middle of it plus a restaurant. Men walk in and their mouths drop open! No photos of my sofa yet... they forgot a cushion... can you believe it? LOL! It only took 2 months to get here and now a missing cushion! (((Hugz)))

  6. Happy Birthday to Steve! Hope you have a fun evening. I have been to the Winchester House that should be a fun trip this weekend. Cute picture of Kirsten.
    Hugs, Dru

  7. Hi Kat! Happy birthday to Steve! That's so neat that you got a present on his birthday! :) I have the itouch 3rd gen too, & love it. Emily is always playing her little educational games on it. There's so many neat things to download. My hubby downloaded the Bible onto his.

    The castle looks neat Kat. You go to some really interesting places - I love seein the photos.

    You're right, Kirsten looks so happy with her boyfriend! They look like a happy family! Cute kids too!

    I'll send you out as many sigtags as you want Kat. Blonde hair, blue eyes, right? I'll try to get you out a few today. Have a blessed day. Hugs!


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