Monday, July 19, 2010

Sonic Slushes

I do not feel well today at all, I have a really bad headache. It's been very hot here, but that is not why I got the headache or at least I don't think so. I have to go get my allergy shots tomorrow and I am sick of getting them. It's been three years now. The Allergist said on the hot days I would feel better, but I don't feel better on the hot days at all. I will talk to them about this tomorrow.

One thing that Steve and I have been doing a lot of lately is going to Sonic to get slushies. Well he has to go on his way home from work, because we don't have Sonic in our small city.
It's been so hot here in the 100's and they taste so good on a hot day. I always get the Lime one and Steve usually gets something different every time. Funny how the little things in life can cheer you up!
Sonic calls them Slushes but I call them slushies. If you go there between 2-4 you get them half off at their Happy Hour.  

In the winter I started a cross stitch and then I put it down around February for some reason. This is far as I got and I need to finish it because there is a blank space over my sewing machine waiting for it.  

This is where I left off in February, the photo above is what it will look like when it's done. I better get going, I am tired of looking at the blank wall everyday. 

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  1. I have not had a Sonic slush in a long time but that is a good idea! I will pass one if I take a different way home from work. I am glad I am not the only one with a cross stitch languishing away. I won't tell you how long mine has been waiting for me to pick it back up...

    ~ Tracy

  2. Hi Kat!
    So sorry to hear about your headache! I hope you feel better soon! I've never had a Sonic slushy. I remember the Sonic in NC but haven't seen many around us. We have a Rita's here and we get water ice and ice cream. I miss snowball stands here, where I grew up we would get them with marshmallow on top!! :-0
    Your cross stitch is beautiful!
    My daughter Hayley has the Kirsten doll, they just recently retired her last year so she is now worth a lot of $$. That is so neat your daughter had the same one! Yes we loved the kit movie!! We have all the American girl movies and they are wonderful! For all ages! LOL Boy, you are busy with birthdays! Mine is August 26th. Just mine. My husbands is today he turns 40. :-)We love Little House on the Prairie books and shows too. I am reading the series with Hayley now. She can read them herself but I enjoy snuggling up with her and reading them together.
    You were mentioning you couldnt find a check mark on my blog? Did you mean for receiving comments back? I was told if you hit the subscribe by email, that it would let you see the follow up comments. Is that what you meant? That's why I like to respond to you here so you know I am answering you back in case you can't get it. Let me know if you can see my comments or not on my blog. :-) Sorry i feel like I've written a book! LOL Hope you have a great day!!!

  3. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope you can get it all figured out with your doctor.

    Your cross stitch is going to be beautiful.My mother-in-law loves to cross stitch and has made us some beautiful things over the years.

    We used to live close to a Sonic and we would go there and either get the lime slush or the lemon-berry one. They are so yummy! I haven't had one in a long time, but now I want one!

  4. Hi Kat! Sorry about those headaches. I used to get a lot of headaches and saw many specialists, including allergists. Every specialist wants to convince you they have the solution so an allergist says it's allergies, a dentist says it's TMJ, a chiropractor says you're out of alignment and on and on. LOL! I know you do have allergies so that's probably what it is. Just don't go to a neurosurgeon or he'll want to do brain surgery! ;)

    Yes, we will be doing some rug shopping now. I've seen some beautiful ones from New Zealand. Just bought a construction zone playmat on ebay for the room I have the boys in when they're here.

    Thanks for visiting while I've been too busy to return visits!

    PS. Going to Carmel this weekend! :)

  5. Hi Kat, sorry about your headaches, it's terrible. I hope there is something to help so you don't feel miserable.
    Sonic is a fun place & I have been going there with friends on our back from the farmers market where it can be very hot. It's a fun habit although we only went twice :) My favorite so far is strawberry but I haven't tried lemon yet.
    Your cross stitch is so pretty, you're going fast! I have the same scissors.
    Your weather seems a bit cooler according to your widget, I hope it is right. Do take care, hugs

  6. Hi Kat,
    Sorry about your headache from your allergies. I am so blessed that I have no allergies and never get sick. The last time I was sick was 7 years ago! My kitty his giving me a hard time typing right now ;) We don't have Sonic's here either. There is one in Anaheim near Disneyland and one near my work in Duarte and I would not of known that is I didn't look it up. Pretty cross stiching. You are so crafty. Hope your headache is gone. Hugs, Dru


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