Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Hike on the North Fork American River & Foresthill Bridge

Today was Steve's day off so he got up early and ran some errands and then returned home and we got ready to go to the North Fork American River.
I decided I wanted to take another photo of the Foresthill bridge from another angle.
The Foresthill bridge is the highest bridge in all California.  It's not far for us to go there about a 20 minute car ride. So we packed some water and the camera and put the pups in the SUV with us and off we went.

As some of you know I grew up along the South Fork of the American River, my youngest brother and I were there almost daily riding our bikes and enjoying the beautiful river during the summer months or at the nearby pool. My high school was right along the river and for PE we had to run down to the park and by the river.
Last summer I took my granddaughter Morgan to this part of the river and I have a photo to show of her from last year.
Morgan on the South Fork American River Last Year Summer June 2009

So anyway back to today, Steve and I went to the North Fork, which is the American River's wild child and this is the area I have lived close to since 1979 after moving away from home in Sacramento County to Placer County California. 
The North Fork begins at an elevation of 8000 feet near Lake Tahoe in Placer County at the snowcapped crest of the Sierras. Both the North Fork and Middle Fork feature archaeological and historic sites of ancient American Indian culture and 1850s Gold Rush habitation.

 We had fun, we didn't get in the water just hiked around down to the river to let the dogs see the water and to get their paws wet and take some good photos of the bridge, but actually we got our best photos of the bridge from the road I think. 

You can click on this to get a nice view of the Foresthill bridge.

In January we stood on top the bridge and looked down into the valley of where we were at today. You can click this link to see what the bridge looks like close up. The photo of my daughter and I standing near the bridge was taken in Jan of this year.

So at the top of the bridge we were looking down to where we were today. See that bridge way down there? that is where we were today and Steve took a photo of me standing near it below. Look up at the top photo see the rounded part in that bridge? well that is where I am standing in the photo below.

The photo Steve took of me in front of the bridge

My photo of Steve in front of the bridge

Even Edee and Effie had a lot of fun! we hiked down to the river and through some sticky weeds and trampled up a steep hill but it was fun. It was not that bad though I did worry about snakes. We had wanted to take the hike up to the Foresthill bridge, but it was getting to hot for that and I had a headache. But there was a lot of bikers and hikers out today and kids swimming in the river. It was a great summer day.

This is where we went down to the river through this trail.

Edee really loves the water.

Effie does not like to touch the water, but as soon as Steve would try to get her feet wet she would try to swim, it was so funny and cute.

Resting with the pups after our hike down to the river.

North Fork American River

Time to go back up to the SUV, I should have taken the photo from the bottom of the trail. 

Tomorrow is Friday it's Morgan's birthday..... so we are going there for dinner and I can visit with my son Shane and DIL and of course Morgan. 

It's back to work for Steve tomorrow and then next week we have another outdoor outing planned for the both of us with the pups. Can't wait! Anything beats sitting in the house!!!

Here is a cute saying I ran across awhile back. I liked it so thought I would post it, however it does not fit with my post. 

It isn't what I do, but how I do it. It isn't what I say, but how I say it, and how I look when I do it and say it. (Mae West)

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  1. hi; thanks for visiting our blog (a corgi in Southern California) and your kind comment. what a fun trip you took today! that bridge looks huge; never heard of it but it looks like a great place to explore and take your dogs to enjoy some time together!

    happy birthday to Morgan! I hope she has a delightful birthday!


  2. Hi Kat,
    Your little hike and outing looks great! Happy Birthday to Morgan! Have a wonderful weekend my friend :)
    Hugs, Dru

    P.S. I am kinda of hoping the kids can keep their house in Murrieta. If they lease it it will cover their mortgage payment ;)

  3. Great pictures, Kat! I so enjoy looking at other parts of the country.
    The pups in the water are so cute!
    Happy Birthday, Morgan! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday to Morgan!!! These pictures are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing them! Looks like you are off to a great start for your weekend.

  5. Tku for visiting my blog and for the comment you so kindly left.

    Your dogs are beautiful, so very cute. My terrier Nella does not like water.....I wish that she did, it is such fun to see a dog splashing around in the water.

    I would not have thought a bridge could be so interesting, but I was wrong. The views are spectacular.......the scenery stunning.
    I love to see water flow over stones......

    Tku for sharing your outing, it was a privilege to join you.....

  6. Hi Kat,
    Thank you for sharing all your photos of the American, and the bridge. The river looks so pretty. I know my huband enjoys that river...especially fishing! I'm glad you had a fun day! :)

    Happy Birthday to Morgan!!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  7. Great photos and I am so glad you shared your trip.
    I thought the description of Effie trying to swim as her feet touched the water was the cutest thing I ever heard.
    Have a lovely Tuesday!

  8. Hello Kat, thank you for sharing your trip with us, it's so pretty & the photos are great. Poor Effie, she's darling, it's so cute the way she tries to swim before her feet touch the water. Happy belated birthday to Morgan, hugs

  9. Hi Kat! Enjoyed your photos of your trip to the North Fork of the American River. sounds like a nostalgic day for you. Cute about Edie and Effoe getting their feet wet and Effie kicking her little legs! LOL! We enjoyed our trip to Carmel, as usual, but the weather was overcast and foggy so didn't bother with photos. Have too many nice ones from past sunny days. Enjoy the rest of the week! (((Hugz)))

  10. Hi Kat! Wow, I've missed a lot of posts! I caught up with them today. You have been blogging a lot, & I love that. Looks like you had a great outing. I love the pic of you with the doggies. We lived in Sacramento for a year, & went to the American River quite often.

    I love cross-stitching, but haven't cross-stitched on so long. Your photo made me want to get back to it. I have the same scissors as you do too. Have a lovely day Kat. Hope you get your slushie today. :-) Hugs!


Thank you for your comments and stopping by my blog.... it was so sweet of you to visit with me today.

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