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Happy 22nd Anniversary to my Husband Steve, A Short Story of How we Met

I can still remember the first time I seen his face, it was winter in the year 1987. I was working at Denny's as a waitress and he would come across the street each day for a cup of coffee on his lunch break. He rarely ate lunch but would read the paper every day and always sat at the counter. I thought he was pretty hot, but we never spoke really.... other then idle chit chat like how are you today and would like some coffee or some more coffee perhaps?

One day before I started working for Denny's and I was working for Mervyns at the time, it was the fall of 1986, my son had told me about some puppies. I told my son Shane do not bring home any puppies because I cannot have a puppy right now. The reason I could not have a puppy right now is because I was planning on ending my marriage to my kids father. My son didn't know this at the time, but that is why I was working and trying to get a job at Denny's so I could make tips. I knew if I could get on the morning shift there I could earn enough money to take care of my two kids and myself, but I didn't think I could care for a puppy also.
Every day I would call Denny's or go to visit the manager there and would plead with him to give me a job. I had worked as a waitress before and knew what money they made and I really needed to make more money then what I was making at Mervyn's.
One day the poor guy took pitty upon me and hired me not for a waitress job, but for a hostess position, I took it even though I was disappointed, but I knew I would have my foot in the door.
After I was there for a bit someone got sick on Saturday morning and they needed me on the floor, now was my chance to show the manager I could handle waiting on tables. They were quite impressed and gave me the weekend morning shifts of Saturday and Sunday and three other shifts from 11- 5. Finally I could be free from the burdensome bad marriage I was stuck in.
I had met my first husband at church and truly believed we could make things work, but at 17 kids don't understand that marriage is more then just playing house. I was 28 years old now and I knew that I had learned a serious lesson and had made a terrible mistake. Within the week my marriage had ended and I was truly happy to be on my own. I had gone from my mom to a marriage at the age of 17. It was crazy! now I was on my own for the first time in my life and with two kids and a puppy named Desi.
I loved my kids and knew we could manage just fine alone. I was afraid, but I knew it was the right thing to do.
Okay now back to the fall of 1986. I heard a knock knock knock at the front door, I opened the door and there stood my son Shane with this beautiful fluffy puppy, a poodle mix. I said "Shane I told you not to bring home the puppy". He pushed the puppy towards me,  I slowly reached for her, she was so fluffy and pretty and smelled so sweet. I took her into my arms and petted her, I was in love. "I want her" I said. "No you can't have her yet he told me, she must stay with her mommy a few more days then I can have her." I was sad, I wanted her now. But in a few days Shane brought me the puppy and she became part of our family, I named her Desi. She lived until 1999. Unfortunately I don't have any puppy photos of her, but I do have a few photos of her later.

The months went on and soon winter turned to spring. One day my puppy was very very ill and I took her to the vet, at the time parvo was going around so I asked the vet if she could possibly have parvo? I heard about it on the news each evening that it was really going around. But they said no she didn't have parvo, they didn't test her, just said she was fine and to keep an eye on her. One day I noticed she was so limp and was getting sicker by the day, so I called the vets and off I took her once again. This time I told them to test her for parvo. They tested her and her test came back positive, Desi had parvo just as I suspected all along. They gave her meds and soon she was healthy again. I was so happy to see my puppy  healthy again.

One day while at work Steve came in for his usual coffee and he asked me how I was, maybe I looked sad or worried, but the usual quiet man that he is....... started up a conversation with me and I told him about my sick puppy Desi. He felt awful for my puppy and me. One day soon after, he asked me to meet him after work. I thought about it, I didn't know how that would work because I was going through a divorce and he didn't even know I had kids, he only knew about my puppy! but I said yes, knowing that he probably would not be interested in me after I told him about my two children.
So we went out for awhile and we talked and I told him about my kids, he was shocked as I knew he would be.... he had thought that I was single and had only a puppy and was about 22 years old, but instead I was married getting a divorce and the mother of 2 children and 28 years old.
Apparently that didn't scare him away because he stuck around and we got married July 9, 1988 and we raised my kids, Shane and Kirsten together and we became a family. We soon got two more dogs JD and Blue, a few cats and some fish and a boat. Life was good.....we've had our ups and downs, but 22 years later I can honestly say that God Blessed me with this man.

It was Desi that brought us together, but it was God that kept us together.

So to my honey Happy Anniversary!    

Our puppies Desi and JD in the photo below are gone now. Desi passed away in 1999 and JD lived until 2003 we had another pup Blue the white fluffy dog he lived until 2005. We have photos of our fluffy friends and memories and they will always have paw-prints all over our hearts. God has blessed us once again with more pups, today we have Edie and Effie and our cat Tabitha.

Here is a photo of my dogs JD on the left and on the right is Desi. 

All three of our dogs. Desi the grey poodle mix, JD the Dachshund and Blue the white fluffy dog. 

Here is the day I got my dog JD for my birthday

Steve with JD my birthday gift from him a new puppy 

      Our Wedding Day in Lake Tahoe July 9, 1988

The kids and I on Folsom Lake 1989

Kirsten with a smile kind of

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  1. Dear Kat,
    Congratulation on your anniversary!!!
    God bless and may you have a terrific day,

  2. Hi Kat,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment about my girls! I enjoy meeting new people! Congratulations on your anniversary, so glad you found your true love! I met my husband when I was 16 years old, married at 19 (he's 4 years older) and we just celebrated our 16 year wedding anniversary in May. We defied a lot of odds, but he is good to me and now adays when you find a good one you keep them! LOL I love animals too! I feel your sense of loss we have lost several of our furry "children" and it is never easy. I miss them every day. We have 3 dogs now and a cat.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Happy Anniversary Steve and Kat!!!!! I just love the story of how you met. :) Have a great day!! ((BIG HUGS))!!

  4. I love your story, it is very heartwarming. and you are a good writer. Love the pictures also, the one of Kirsten is precious, with an almost smile. Love the picture of you and Steve,you were so young in those pictures, and very beautiful. Of course I am ............your Mother

  5. Hi Kat,
    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing the story of how you and Steve met, and for sharing your photos.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. Hi Kat,
    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary! Loved the pictures!
    Hugs, Dru


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