Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy May!

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since my last post. I just have not had much to talk about and I have been so busy. When the good weather comes I get really busy with many activities.

Steve and I did get our new appliances and they are really nice. We love them all. I didn't take a photo of them well I tried but it's hard to take a photo of the stainless steel appliances.
I bought the warranty for two appliances strait from the manufacturer instead of the store. I got the one for the fridge and the oven. The dishwasher and microwave I didn't get a warranty, well extended I should say. Steve didn't' want me to buy any warranties, but I did it anyway because it makes me feel better about the big investment. I'm a bad wife I guess, or if something breaks he can say I am the "Good Wife".

We are going to Oregon in early June for a nice vacation. I look forward to it. We are taking the dogs and Morgan with us. We rented a cabin at Whaleshead beach and we will also take Morgan through the Redwoods Forest before we get to Oregon as well.

Steve bought a car, a Saturn and did some engine work and is selling it to finance our trip to Oregon. It's a nice way to make some extra money for him. he spent a few weeks working on it. he is so ingenious this way to pay off extra bills and make some extra $$.  

Did you have a wonderful Mother's Day!? I did.

A pretty rose from my garden

Mother's day with mom and the kids was great, although the weather was ugly again just as it was on Easter and we had to move it to indoors, we had planned at picnic at the park. I finally got to meet Kirsten's new boyfriend Glen and his adorable two kids, Kayla 9 and Brandon 4. So with Morgan we had three kids over yesterday. Wowzers...... that was a lot of activity that I am not used to, since Morgan has been the only child around. My brother has three kids all under 5, but he lives in Utah so we don't see them much.
I got two new suns for Mother's day to hang on my back fence. So now I have enough suns for every section of the back fence. I got one from Kirsten and one from Shane, Jaime and Morgan.
I got one recently for my birthday too, that was from Shane, Jaime and Morgan. No one knew what to get me this year, so I told them I don't want anything fancy but would love to have some suns for my backyard as I have been collecting them for a few years here and there. I guess my collection is now finished.
Again we had to have the fireplace on yesterday for Mother's Day! it's May and we had the fireplace on, just like Easter. This is so crazy! it's snowing up the hills in the Sierra Nevada mountains today and it's very cold like February or early March.
To welcome Kayla and Brandon into the family I bought them a little gift, of course that meant I had to get Morgan something too. Kayla is a really sweet little girl, the little boy Brandon is quite a handful, but he is cute and sweet too.

Here are my three newest suns for my collection.
This one was my birthday gift from Shane and Jaime and Morgan

I got this one for Mother's Day

 I got this one for Mother's Day

I did another round of earrings this one is another flower of which I forgot because I am so o o tired today. I have been so busy at my store online Krystal Kat's, that is one reason why I don't get to blog much. I have to choose between reading and blogging and my activities after I do my orders. I like to read a lot and go to the Library just about every week. It's fun this year I have been reading a lot of history books and Christian books. 
Well I guess I will go to bed and blog tomorrow. It's been a long day since I was up early for Church. I am a greeter now at the church each Sunday morning. It's not hard and is actually quite fun to meet all the people at the church.     

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  1. Hello Kat, I love your earring. What pretty gifts, you have been spoiled. I hope your weather is warmer now, it's plenty warm here :o) Hugs

  2. Hi Kat,
    It was nice to see a post from you. I had a nice Mother's Day. The day before our whole family took my Mom out for lunch, and then Mother's Day, I went with my husband, older daughter, and son-in-law to a movie. It was a nice weekend. I know what you mean about the weather. It seems a lot colder for this time of year. I like your suns! We bought our younger daughter a long hair Chihuahua for her birthday. He's almost ten weeks old now, and is a sweetheart! He's captured all of our hearts. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week! :)

  3. Hi Kat, I like your Suns, at first I didn't know what you mean, but now I do lol I really like the first one.
    Glad you had a nice birthday and Mother's Day too. Your pictures are all so pretty. Love the earrings! The trip to Oregon will be really nice! We haven't been anywhere in so very long.
    Have a great and beautiful week-end ♥

  4. Hi Kat! I'm glad that you have a trip to look forward to. We had such fun at Disneyland - I can't seem to get back into my daily schedule. I wish we were still there.

    I 'love' your suns! What a neat things to collect. Love those earrings too! You really do such beautiful work Kat.

    I just posted my May giveaway, so I hope you have time to drop in & join in the fun. This one is different, & I think it's something that everyone will like. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!

  5. Hi Kat,
    I like your 'sun' collections. I have one in my backyard made of terra cotta. I am so afraid it will break.
    I am happy you had a wonderful Mother's Day and got to meet Kirsten's boyfriend, Glen and the two children.
    I have been away from the blogosphere for so long that it is going to take me a while to catch-up. Life has a way of getting by us.
    Anyhow, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for visiting my blogger blog.

  6. Hi Kat!! I just moved my blog to blogger. I am having too many problems with wordpress and I do not know how to fix them. I still want to be able to keep up with everyone and this seems the best way. here is my link:
    Talk to you soon. ((BIG HUGS))!!

  7. hey Kat...sadly, I have 2 more years left of classes. I kind of enjoy them though. I just wish I weren't so busy all of the time.

  8. Hi Kat! Loved seeing your Oregon lighthouse and covered bridges photos. We took that trip a few years ago. You did a great job of finding so many bridges. They really are charming. Morgan is getting so tall! I'm sure she enjoyed the trip. Wishing you a great summer! (((Hugz)))


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