Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

This Friday April 9th is my birthday!

Since Steve has to work this weekend and Friday he is taking me to Joe's Crab Shack in Old Sacramento on Wednesday for an early Birthday lunch. That's my favorite Restaurant.  

I added some new earrings to my websites, Krystal Kat's and ShinyMoonBeams. If you would like to see them hop on over to my ShinyMoonBeams blog for more information. I used some more of the Vintage Flower Lucite Beads and some other beautiful Vintage beads. You can also join my email list to keep updated on what's new and for sales.

Below are some Vintage and Contemporary Style Earrings. The Purple Trumpet Flower and Pink Flower Earrings are Vintage as well as the Shell and Bead Earrings those are German Lucite Beads. Very pretty. The red and blue flower earrings are contemporary, as well as the bottom green glass pair. I love making earrings! In the top earrings you can see the purple trumpet flower earrings are larger then the ones I showed off in the last post, which are the size of the pink ones are the far left in the photo below. The red and blue are petite'.     


Did you have a nice Easter? I had a nice Easter..... but it was cold and windy and rained. We did manage to get a family photo early in the day under the cover of our covered patio. I like it when we take our family photo in the front yard in front of my big kitchen window and under the purple plum tree. The bad weather messed up my tradition. 
Steve and I changed churches again, not because there was anything wrong with our last church, in fact it was a wonderful church and I will miss it very much, but it was to far and so we found one closer to home and we can get there in less then 10 minutes and is in the same city we live in. Our first visit was Easter Sunday and we loved the service it was great. The church handed out a book as a Easter gift called "The Case for Jesus" by Lee Strobel. Oh my gosh that book is great and if you have ever watched the movie "The Passion of Christ" well this book goes into even more detail of the Roman Capital punishment, it is completely brutal and worse then what Mel Gibson even put in the movie.  I remember I read he had toned it down a bit, now I understand why.  
Atheist-turned-Christian Strobel, with four Gold Medallions and other awards, focuses on rediscovering the real Jesus, whose identity and message have come under attack in recent years. 
Anyway it's a great little book that you should read it if you get the chance. I began reading mine Easter night. It's just a tiny little book. 

Here is our Easter family photo.

I am the one in the white skirt. Apparently I am the only one that wanted to wear a skirt or dress this Easter. Well it was a cold day, we even had the fire on. It felt like Christmas. 
In the following photos I show off my new bowls and green Easter table. I forgot to take a photo of the everything on the table. Things got a bit crazy and I forgot. 

Easter Flowers
Cute polka dot bowl we used for fruit salad, it's green and it came as a set of three I got at Target, but each bowl is a different color and size. 

This bowl I got at JCPenney's and it has a cute dragonfly on it, it's the Cindy Crawford Collection. It's pretty cute.....We used it for the green salad.

 Here is what the table looked like before I finished putting the food down. 

Our table cloth is not a very Easter green, but the one I have on the service table in the previous photos I got at Target and they were totally out of that color in round or another oblong. So I had to settle for this darker green mainly because I shopped for it the day before Easter. LOL! that's what happens when you're not Johnny on the spot. The lighter green I bought back in February or early March.  
In any event I do have to say my Martha Stewart set of dishes I bought in the fall are certainly working out great for each holiday, you just have to change the linens and decorations and it's like a new set of dishes every time. As you can see we had the fire going on Easter! this was a first in a very long long time in Northern California. We normally have a nice Easter, but we have had some nasty ones and this one was one of them. Sad :(.

Have a wonderful week! ~Kat    


  1. Hi Kat! Happy birthday to you!! Hope you have fun at Joe's!

    Lovely earrings! I really do love the petite ones. Emily & I are still enjoying our jewelry, & she tells everyone that will listen what her colored crystals represent on her salvation bracelet. Just listeing to her, you understand why Jesus said we must become as little children.

    Loved your Easter table setting. I am going to go see if can find the dragonfly bowl - that is so pretty. Loved your family photo too! Have a great week Kat. Hugs!

  2. First of all, Happy Birthday!

    Love your Easter table and your family photo. You look like a happy group!

  3. Happy Birthday Kat, and many more!
    Those polka dot plates are really cute and as always your jewelry creations are lovely.
    Hope you're having a lovely day today.

  4. Happy Birthday Kat!! I hope you and your husband have a nice day. We had a nice Easter too, though the weather wasn't very nice. We went to my brother's house. We had to have the egg hunt for the kids in the house...which was fun! I love your polka dot bowl, very cute. Your family picture came out very nice. Have a wonderful weekend (and birthday)!

  5. Ciao dear Kat! First of all, Happy Birthday!! :)
    I love your Easter table setting, it’s so beautiful! And your family photo, too! You have a lovely family! As usual, you jewelry creations are stunning! :D
    Hugs & birthday wishes!

  6. Hi Kat,
    I love those polka dots bowls. Happy Happy Birthday!! Tomorrow!! Have a wonderful Birthday weekend :)
    Hugs, Dru

  7. Hi Kat! I wanted to stop in wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful day...celebrate your life! Hugs

  8. Happy Birthday, Kat! I remembered to come by! :D You plans sound great. I love seafood! Do you have crab or something else? Enjoy you special day and why not make it a whole birthday weekend! Milk it! :D (((Birthday Hugz)))

  9. Happy Birthday sweet and dear Kat! Your probably at lunch, so I hope your having a great one! Any restaurant that says Crab in it, I'm there! lol
    Your trumpet flower earrings are beautiful! I love them, especially the green ones you are wearing in the close up of your ear lol
    You look so beautiful close up like that! I thought it was a model!
    Love your green polka dot bowls and your Easter table setting was very nice. It must have been nice to spend it with family. I have no family here at all. It's usually just Rex and I :( Count your blessings there!
    So very sorry to hear about your younger brother! Oh I will say some prayers for him.
    I hope you have a great Birthday week-end!!

  10. oh also wanted to say you look so pretty and nice and thin in the Easter photo and I love your white skirt!

  11. Hi Kat! Just wanted to stop in & wish you a wonderful week. Hugs!

  12. Happy belated birthday dear Kat, so sorry I missed it. Your Easter table was so pretty, I love your polka dot bowls. You look wonderful in your family photo! Hugs


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