Monday, March 15, 2010

Vintage Beads from the 60's and 70's! Blast from the Past!

Wow! I came across some Vintage beads that some are over 30 years old coming from the 60's and 70's. A Blast from the past. What a find! These are brand new beads that never were sold and are now being sold again. This is pretty exciting!
Vintage Beads
You can click on any of the photos in this post to see the photos larger. 

This is only some of what I purchased. I have some tortoise hoops as well and other hoops. Pretty soon I will be making some vintage jewelry with these wonderful beads.
It makes me think of how I made my own jewelry back in the 70's.

I got my census questionnaire today to fill out. Last week I got a letter saying I was going to get this census questionnaire and be sure to fill it out. How stupid is that?? what a waste of money sending out that letter. Like we have not all heard by now that we are getting the census this year and we should fill it out. It you don't they come knocking at your door anyway. Like I want them to show up at my door. I have no reason to not fill it out, although I have not read each question. I am not sure I will answer all the questions, we will see.

A few weeks ago I took a test to see what I am politically. Liberal, Libertarian or Conservative. It was good to know. I was not what I thought I was. LOL!
You should go take the test and see if you are what you think you are, you might be surprised!

Look at this gorgeous photo I took today of pretty pink Azalea's.

Two pretty birds through the window, that is why it's not a clear photo.
Lesser Gold Finch
Two Lesser Gold Finches. I still have not seen any American Gold Finches yet. The Sacramento Bee reports that California ranked second in the great backyard bird count in 2010 and only New York counted more birds in the backyard bird count this year.  
I believe the Audubon Society organized this. I did not participate because I found out about it to late. So next year I will do it for sure. 
The American Gold Finch showed up 771 times in Sacramento's bird count and yet I didn't see not one. Although I don't live in Sacramento, I am only 40 minutes away. 
Well now that it's getting warmer perhaps I will see them soon.
To find out more about the great backyard bird count go to

Steve and I are going to paint the master bedroom this weekend. It's a salmon pink we don't like right now, it's still going to be in the pink family but much darker. 
LOVE IT!!!! I mean the new color. I need that ladies voice from the commercial were she is ordering off the menu and it says cash only and the guy runs across the street to get cash and she says LOVE as she is reading all the great food off the menu. I want her audio. I just love that! it's so cute.  

I made three purses last week, two Dachshund purses and 1 bird purse/handbag.  
Dachshund Purse
Bird Purse
This bird purse is mine and the Dachshund purse I made for my cousins wife who lives in Ohio, that is where my mom was born and raised. I made an extra Dachshund purse to put for sale. I hate the rectangle handles on my bird purse. They slide to much though very cute. The round handles are nice and work well. I also think clear handles would look nicer with the color of my purse although in person it looks very nice.  
I found an old button of my moms and put it in the center of a Yo-Yo flower I made and sewn leafs. The old button of my moms is from the 60's. Cute idea I thought. Now I have a part of something of my moms with me all the time. 
I cannot take the handles off for fear of ripping the fabric up so...... live and learn. Next time I make me a purse I will use the round handles or straps.    

Look at this darling bird I stitched up using a pattern from
It's really fast and I am going to make a dozen of them and put them in a polka dot bowl on the table for Easter decoration.  

I'll try to check in again later in the week, until next time have a great Saint Patrick's Day! ~Kat 


  1. Hi Kat, the beads are pretty. I'm sure you're going to do wonder with them. The azaleas are beautiful, I love their color! Hugs

  2. Hi Kat! Great find on the vintage beads. Guess that means we are vintage, too, - like fine wine! :D Love the purses. I could see a whole line of purses with different dog breeds being very popular!

    Audre is sharing a home right now with other people. One is a RN. This is temporary until we can get her an even more assisted living place. Still, she drives everywhere and shops for herself. (((Hugz)))

  3. Hi Kat, I 'love' the vintage beads! What a find. I can't wait to see what you do with them. You are so talented! Love your purses! I think you will do really well selling these. Kitty purses might do well too. That bird you sewed is adorable! Have a great week Kat. Hugs!

  4. You really make some wonderful things . It will be great to see how you use the vintage beads.
    When I come I have to look each time at the photos of Edie and Effie as they are so darn cute!

  5. Hi Kat,
    Those are great looking beads. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Adorable purses too! I filled out my census form today, it was very easy since I am the only one living in my household.
    Have a wonderful evening ;)
    Hugs, Dru

  6. Hi Kat! What great looking beads! I want to see pics of the bedroom after you paint it! Love your bird you made...too cute! ((BIG HUGS))

  7. Ciao Kat! I love the vintage beads! What a find! :) And the little bird you stitched is so special and pretty! Have a blessed weekend, hugs!


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