Sunday, March 21, 2010

Earrings! Vintage Retro Lucite Flower Earrings and Contemporary Styles

I went crazy and made lucite flowers earrings in lots of colors, they say spring! Summer and fall!

6 Vintage Lucite Flower Earrings You'll Love! The Vintage Flower Earrings are made with beads from the 70's and 80's. Down the page are also 4 contemporary lucite flower earrings.

In all 10 beautiful flower earrings.

I have moved all my lucite flower earrings to
or to my Etsy Shop


Contemporary Lucite Flower Earrings Made with Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled Earwires.

Okay Judy I am showing what the earring size is on one side of my face. I don't like to show myself this close up, but it's hard to take a photo of your own ear! LOL! All the earrings are this size except the kidney earwires hang lower.  

Which ones are your favorite?


  1. Hi Kat! What beautiful earrings! I love the pink frost. Could you post a picture of them being worn? That would help to judge their size. You are 'so' talented!! LOVE them! Hope you have a creative week! Hugs

  2. Hi Kat, I love the earrings, I wish you did one with a clip although it doesn't look as great but some clips are tiny. I had my ears pierced years ago, it got infected so my ears are not pierced anymore. I love the pink best & the purple just after :o) They're all very pretty. Have a great day, hugs

  3. Hi Kat! I'm glad you showed a photo (and it's a very nice one) so you can see how the earrings drop. My favorite earrings are the orange ones. :) Reminds me of California poppies. :) I have a similar problem to Elizabeth. My ears are pierced but if the earrings are not 24 karat gold they get infected. I've tried all the hypoallergenic earrings and they don't work for me.

    No, poor 2nd baby Jacob doesn't get all the photos and attention Ryan did. Did you see the video I posted of him laughing. It was a few months ago but I could send you the link. He is fairer and blue eyed and just so sweet and happy- always ready with a smile. (((Hugz)))

  4. Hi Kat,
    I love the earings. My favorite are the pink and magenta. They are all beautiful really. I am so sorry to hear things are still hard for you guys :( I know CA is still in pretty bad shape it will take years to recover here back to the way it was! I could care less about MJ I don't partake but I know when my Mom was dieing of cancer her Dr. told her to get some for the chemo and I did not know until after she died when I found some in her safe. Hope your allergies get under control.
    Hugs, Dru

  5. Ciao Kat, I love all the earings you made, they are all awesome! My fave? Hum, the vintage frosted magenta lily ones. :) Too bad I cannot use them :( I had my leaf ear pierced when I was 20, but can use only gold ears and very tiny ones.

  6. Hi Kat! I wanted to let you know that my jewelry arrived today! They are BEAUTIFUL! Pictures don't do them justice!! Thank you so much...Emily is so in love with her bracelet! Hugs

  7. Hi Kat, they are all so lovely, but I am partial to the lavendar ones.
    You really do such beautiful work.
    Hope the week is treating you well.

  8. beautiful jewelry you make and so encouraged to see that you are a fellow believer in Jesus Christ. Someone above mentioned clip on earrings, there were some I saw and found that are called paddlebacks. They were at a local bead show that I went to. Maybe she could give those a shot?


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