Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tablescape Thursday #2 Village Lenox Collection

Tablescape Thursday is hosted by Susan at "Between Naps On the Porch". Thank you Susan for this lovely fun day!

Okay this is my second tablescape, thank you all for so politely leaving nice comments about my first tablescape and of which I had a hard time putting up here in Blogger my photos last week. I have a hard time with these blogger themes, they are so narrow you can't post large photos, I notice some of you do possibly Windows Live Writer, but I work on a Mac.

To see the photos larger click on them, to pop them open big.

Today we are eating outdoors because the weather is about to get ugly, rain is forecast, so I brought my Village Lenox Collection outdoors to the patio. We have three places to eat at our home, in the kitchen dining room, in the great room or out on the patio. My favorite is out on the patio near my garden.
I have decorated the center of the table with two pineapple candles set on a lace pineapple pattern table runner. You can click on all the photos to pop them open big for close ups!

Village Lenox Collection Up Close

Village Lenox Collection without the bowl and salad plate The silverware was my grandmother's, that's real sterling silver too! I was so lucky to receive so many heirlooms from my dads side of the family. But the Lenox Village Set I collected myself during the 1990's.

It's not for sale anymore unless you can find someone who is selling theirs. Maybe Ebay??

I picked mini roses from my garden in red and vintage pink and put in a vase. Not the vase I wanted, I could not find that one. I colored the water pink.
On the left side of the photo you will see a red tray with the Lenox Village (Victorian Style House) teapot, teacups and saucers, with tea from Boston, and Charleston South Carolina. Will show close up on last photo.
Close ups of the Village Lenox Collection, Creamer and Sugar and Salt and Pepper. I also have the Village Spice set, it is full of darling little Victorian homes. We have a lot of them here and I just love Victorian homes.
Up close the Teapot and teacups! I love cute. Anyone for tea? tea from Boston, and Charleston South Carolina!
Lastly I have baked Pumpkin Blueberry muffins, I put them on this cake stand. It's such a charming cake stand. I found it at T.J. Maxx for less then $20.00 each. I liked it so much I bought two, one for me and one for my daughter for Christmas.
By the way, my husband said the muffins were delicious!

Took me several years to collect the Village set, which includes the Village Spice Set, that I did not photograph.
If you wanted to see the photos larger, did you remember to click on them, to pop them open larger? This gives you a nice view of the set.

You can find the recipe to the Pumpkin Muffins here.

Until the next Thursday Tablescape.......have a great week!


  1. Hi the table is so pretty and the muffins look wonderful...

  2. HEY!!! IT is CHARLESTON ,SOUTH CAROLINA!!! AND IT IS AMERICA'S ONLY TEA PLANTATION!!! I purchased a teapot and cuts there and I often drink their tea too. SO you gotta gotta make a corection, kidoooooooooo! ALso your tablescape is so sweet and I love the lenox stuff

  3. Very pretty! The table looks very pretty! What a deal on the cakestand! It is awesome!

  4. I should have those dishes, they are just so cute with the little houses, and can you put some cake on those and send it over...

  5. Just a beautiful table, I love those dishes, not to mention the muffins, they look tooo good. I loved the previous post, beautiful covered bridge.

  6. I have not seen this particular Lenox pattern, but I love the colors and houses! It is perfect for a tea party! I think I have that cake stand!

  7. This is beautiful! Love the Lenox china, didn't know there was village dishes. I have the village canister set, but haven't seen the tea pot, etc. LOVE them!! I'm so glad to see all this, thanks!


  8. How pretty! Just love that tea set!

  9. Hi. So nice to meet you.
    Only in California or Florida are you still eating outside. Even if it wasn't getting ugly out it is too cold already to be outside. Brrrr.
    I couldn't call it silverware because there is no silver other than the color. It is all stainless steel. I see it called flatware, cutlery, silverware. Doesn't matter if it isn't there does it? We really did eat dinner there tonight so yes we needed "utensils".

  10. Thanks for the comments on my Thanksgiving Table Kat. Oh to be eating outside again. It looks so good! And your Pumkin blueberry muffins looks delicious. This is my first time on here. it's all new to me, but I'll get the hang of things soon. I have always just loves a beautifully set table. Bye for now Sherri

  11. Hi Kat, I love your table setting and dishes..the salt and pepper shakers are too cute!! I collect Victorian houses and would like to find come of the village pieces..

    Your header and background are so must have many talents to accomplish all of the things you make and share with us..

    I will be back later , after I go workout at Curves.. hugs, Baba

  12. Such a lovely tablescape! Happy fall to you and please stop over for a visit soon!

  13. beautiful kat!!
    I would like to have the recipe of the muffins

  14. Oh Kat this is so wonderful! I would be showing the Lennox off too, and it is so special as you inherited it.
    Now sweetheart you made a bad blunder a couple of paragraphs up from where you said Tea from Charleston South Carolina (the Charleston Tea Plantation wink, wonder where you got that tea from? wink, wink) but anyway look to where you said Charleston, South Carolina and then look above and you said Charleston, NORTH Carolina too! *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* lol
    You know I am loving those pineapples too!

    l♥ve from Charleston, SOUTH Carolina ! lol

    love your look in here!
    Your from Oregon arent' you? heeheeeeeee

  15. Your plates are adorable. Thanks for stopping by and taking alook at my tablescape. Have a great day!

  16. Your table is great. The village themed dishes are very cute. Love the cake stand you got at TJM!

  17. Silly girl, of course I know your from California! I only joked about Oregon because of your little blunder I see you corrected. You know how us South Carolina girls are when someone mixes up our cities with North Carolina, heeheeeeee, no offence to anyone in NC, cause I love it there too ♥

  18. Lovely setting outside. Your set of dishes is very cute, but the the pumpkin blueberry muffins....oh, my, do they look delicious.

  19. That is such a charming table, I just love those dishes! Cindy

  20. Hi Kat, I finally found you!
    Oh I think there is a way somehow that you can make the photo's larger. Some script or something, I want to do the same thing so people don't have to click on them.
    I will see if I can find out how to do it!
    love ya!


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