Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out Door Wednesday Bridgeport, Nevada County, CA

Welcome to my Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer!

As I talked about in my first ODW, I love photographing covered bridges.

Last week I showed the second coverd bridge we photographed, this week I am showing you the first covered bridge we photographed.

We took the photos of this covered bridge at Bridgeport, Nevada County, CA. The bridge was built in 1861. It's the
Longest single span covered bridge in existence at 251 feet.

These photos were taken September 2009.

Just click on each photo for a larger view.

Backside of bridge.
Inside the bridge.


  1. Nice photos! This was interesting because I thought only New England had covered bridges. I enjoyed reading about the history of this one.

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  2. A very nice Outdoor Wednesday feature. I like hearing and seeing old bridges. Very nice.

  3. I LOVE covered bridges. There just aren't many of them around. Your photos turned out great! My Hubby & I vistied the California Central Coast this past summer but I am not framiliar with this area. Where is the bridge located?

  4. Lovely series of bridges! I never knew there was a covered bridge in California!

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. :)

  5. Lovin' the covered bridge photos.
    Your doggies are so cute! And your kitty too.

  6. WOW great bridge. I noticed that the builders name...Wood. That is my maiden name. My relatives are from Oklahoma way but maybe some went west.
    Thanks for stopping by last night.
    Happy OD Blessings ;-)

  7. That's interesting. I have never thought about covered bridges being out west. I have just heard about ones in the Northeast and Midwest. Silly of me! I just love covered bridges. Thanks for sharing and coming by my blog to visit too!

  8. Great pictures - thanks for sharing. I would probably get nervous crossing the bridge, since I don't like closed in spaces.

  9. I love your photos. We live in an area with a large number of covered bridges. Many built by the WPA and the Army Corp of Engineers. A few of them are still in use. Most have attained museum/relic status. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  10. I love all of your photos, but the inside of the bridge is definitely my favorite!

  11. Beautiful photos! Thanks for showing us!...Christine

  12. Love covered bridges!
    We have a few in Oregon too.
    thanks for coming by or a visit.


    Barbara jean

  13. Don't think I've ever seen one quite like that. Beautiful - it looks so long. There's a neiborhood just up the street from me called Covered Bridge Canyon and they have built covered bridges all throughout it. Love the photos and thank you for stopping by my new blog. Blessings

  14. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words! I love covered bridges and enjoyed both of them you shared. Nice history lesson too. I was amazed at how long this bridge is and it is still in use - wow! :D Jewel

  15. You have some beautiful photos. I love the covered bridges. What a gorgeous place.

  16. I love covered bridges! Great photos! Thank you for sharing them with us as well as the history!

    ~ Tracy

  17. Hi Kat! I love your photos ~ thank you for sharing them with us, (and the history, too.)
    Absolutely beautiful!

  18. Hello Kat
    I found you through Deanna,I was attracted to your name.I love your blog,the photos you've posted are great,covered bridges have such a curious past.I read through your profile and I too love light houses,I have visited PEI many times,and they have allot.I too have a 10 year old fawn tabby cat named Tabbitha..she a"little" heavier than yours:)
    Glad I came across you,I have signed up to follow.Im off to see your etsy shop.."ta-ra"for now

  19. I love bridges, covered bridges, piers...These covered bridges are so great! I would go crazy if I somehow stumbled upon them around here. Your blog is too cute! Have a nice weekend...and, thank you for stopping by my blog.

  20. First I want to thank you for visiting my Halloween table post and commenting. I really appreciate it.

    I find covered bridges fascinating. We have several in the Midwest, some close to where I live. I'm always a little spooked walking over them, but they are beautiful.

  21. I love this post and the history connected to that great covered bridge. I might have to visit it some day...

  22. Hi again. I noticed on another blog you said you didn't know how to get the post to go up on the date you wanted instead of the day you wrote it.
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    The key here is NOT to click save but to click on PUBLISH even if you don't want it to publish until a later date. As long as the date and time you choose are typed in correctly the post will publish when you have told it to.
    I hope that helps. You can email me with any questions.


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