Monday, March 19, 2012

Moved My Blog

I am not going to be posting at this blog, I am using one blog for every thing instead of two. Find me at

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

It's very apparent to me that I am no longer interested in blogging at least on a personal level. So I have decided to give up this blog. I can no longer come up with things to say about my life because the things in my life sometimes drive me insane. Thankfully I have been blessed with a wonderful husband and he is a great help to me. I feel it is better to not say things sometimes then to whine about the things that you cannot change. God is really the only one that can show us how to deal with problems effectively, but first we must let him and secondly of course sometimes we have to ourselves make drastic changes in the process so God can show us how to be comfortable and happy in a situation that you cannot change perhaps forever. Yes it's one of those kind of problems.

I have been concentration a lot on my craft. Many crafts which help the stress for me. These past weeks I have been fascinated with making angles, angel earrings, angel suncatchers and pendants.
Here in this photo I have taken Swarovski Crystal Beads and created some lovely angel pendants and suncatchers.

I have been working on my craft blog and will be there blogging, so if you're interested to read what I have been up to as far as crafting goes then I hope to see you there.

Here is a photo to show the difference in size between pendant and mini suncatcher.

I really love this idea because it makes it personal when someone can have a little angel for their birth month as a little crystal suncatcher or a pendant.
I just made these so I have not posted them to my website yet, but will get it done this week. 

I do hope all my blogging friends have a wonderful new year and may God Bless you and give you a blessed happy new year!

Here is the address to my craft blog 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas -The Greatest Gift of All -

In the greatest of all passages there is described the greatest of all gifts. If it is a gift from God, we know apriori that it is a great gift. Jesus once asked if any father would give his son a stone when he asked for bread, or a snake for a fish. If, He said, you give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give good gifts to His? (Matt. 7:9-11). God, then, is a Father and He will only give good gifts to men. (cf. James 1:17).
The best of all possible gifts God has given -- Jesus Christ. And John knew, as no one else, what a remarkable gift it was! What was the gift like? A gift of the Word made flesh and dwelling among men. What was Jesus like? (Have we not all asked that question?) "Full of grace and truth." What did men see when they saw Jesus? Glory, glory like an only child has from his father. What did Jesus bring when He came? "Grace and truth." What did Jesus come to do? To make known to the world what God is like, the God no man has as yet seen. (John 1:14-18). To this John adds that they had been privileged to drink of Jesus' fullness, fullness so extraordinary that it could only be described as a fullness consisting of blessing upon blessing. (1:16).

Hope your Christmas is Blessed

Hugs Kat

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